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Happy birthday Alexa for your 4 years in Italy

4 years of Alexa in Italy: discovering the evolution and extraordinary numbers of its enormous success

Amazon (click here for more info on the company) is guided by four fundamental principles. Customer obsession rather than competition focus, passion for innovation, commitment to operational excellence and long-term vision. The Amazon company aims to be the most customer-focused in the world, the best employer in the world and the safest workplace in the world. It’s not just customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon. But also AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Career Choice, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Alexa, Just Walk Out technology, Amazon Studios and Climate Pledge are some of the innovations introduced by Amazon.

We will focus on below Alexawhich in the last few hours has blown out its fourth candle in Italy. For 4 years she has been a fun and irreplaceable companion for customers in Italy. Which, in fact, have generated over 17 billion interactions since 2018 and saved 6 million hours alone in 2022 thanks to the help of Alexa. To celebrate, users in Italy that until November 13th they will wish Alexa “Happy Birthday”, they will have a happy surprise. That is, the possibility to receive 3 months of Audible free.

More details on Alexa’s 4 years in Italy

It’s only been 4 years since Amazon’s voice assistant entered the homes of customers in Italy, who today consider her a real life partner. Witty and caring, able to make their days simpler, better organized and even more fun.

Of these first 4 years, 2022 has been the most exciting in terms of growth. Suffice it to say that of the over 17 billion interactions made with Alexa from 2018 to today, 8 billion have occurred this year alone. And again in 2022, according to the analysis conducted by GFK together with ServicePlan on Best Brands 2022, Alexa was included in the Best Product ranking of the 10 most loved Italian brands.

He has declared Gianmaria Visconti, Amazon Alexa Country Manager in Italy. Which then went on, stating that:

To confirm this success are the continuous demonstrations of affection by users throughout Italy, who rely on Alexa daily to manage their days. From waking up to goodnight, and to have fun with music, recipes, to stay informed or to manage the smart home.

This year the Italians have in fact used Alexa to set 800 million between alarms and timersben 120 million reminders e 45 million shopping lists. In addition, they made 28 million calls via Alexa. They also count on Alexa to know the weather forecast, it happened 135 million times in 2022, or for help in the kitchen: 8 million recipes are requested, and among the most popular are carbonara, pancakes and tiramisu.

Happy birthday Alexa for your 4 years in Italy

Alexa: 4 years of fun and entertainment in Italy

For users, Alexa is also one entertainment companion: the hours of music played in 2022 are as many as 400 million. The most requested songs remain the Sanremo hits: first of all Farfalle di Sangiovanni, followed by Dove si balla by Dargen D’amico and Broglie by Mahmood and Blanco. At the regional level, Lombardy is the first region in Italy for active users. But it is Molise that has established itself as the region in Italy that has seen the greatest growth in users assets they have used Alexa in 2022. Ben + 56%, while the Campania region has chosen Alexa for the management of the smart home, with a 62% increase routine compared to 2021. And if it is not surprising that Rome is the first Italian province in terms of number of interactions, what is striking is that it was the province of Agrigento that recorded the most significant growth, with + 63% year on year .

Alexa, a continuous evolution

At launch in the US in 2014, Alexa only had 13 features available while today it boasts hundreds of them. At first it spoke only one language, today it is available in over 75 countries and in 9 different languages and it can also detect multiple languages ​​at the same time. Not only that, she is also able to change voice with a male, just say “Alexa, change your voice”. Plus, Alexa keeps getting smarter. This is thanks to the development of third-party skills, which today amount to over 130 thousand in the world and over 5 thousand in Italy.

Thanks to this continuous evolution, the homes of users in Italy are becoming more and more connected. Where voice interaction represents the simplest and most natural way to interact with technology, which thus becomes within everyone’s reach. They were indeed over 1.8 billion interactions between smart devices and Alexa in 2022 in Italy.

The secret to success: Alexa is intuitive and proactive

The numbers demonstrate the great success of Alexa in Italy. But why have users found such an important point of reference in their daily lives in Amazon’s voice assistant? Alexa is intuitive for everyone, understands and interacts regardless of the individual’s accent, age or familiarity with technology. It is also proactive: they are indeed over 600 million shares carried out through Routine by Alexa instead of Italian users. Which this year they can say of having saved over 6 million hours setting timers with Alexa instead of opening your smartphone. For example, asking to play your favorite song instead of looking for it among the various providers and turning off and on the lights from the comfort of their sofa with just the voice command.

Alexa herself has a gift for us. Users in Italy who from 6 November until 13 November will say “Alexa, Happy Birthday”, will in fact have the opportunity to receive 3 months of Audible gratuiti. To discover thousands of new Audiobooks, Podcasts and Audible originals. All that remains is to join in a choral celebration: “Alexa, Happy Birthday!”.

And you? What do you think of this gift of Alexa for her 4 years in Italy ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to TechGameWorld.com for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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