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Microsoft Edge 103 now available for download

A new stable version of Edge, Microsoft Edge 103, is now available on all platforms for download

Microsoft (here for more information on the company) recently released a major new update for Microsoft Edge, with version 103 now available on all supported platforms. Microsoft Edge stable release 103.0.1264.37 includes four major changes. the first of these is the ability to control automatic profile switching, as the browser can now understand for itself when a connection requires a specific personal or work profile. There is a new specific policy for this purpose, thus making Microsoft Edge the best browser for almost everyone. Then, the update adds a client certificate toggle, as well as security enhancements.

Microsoft Edge 103 now available for download

Statements about the new Microsoft Edge 103

Below are the first statements regarding the new version of Microsoft Edge.

Explore the web with more reliable protection with the rewritten Microsoft Defender SmartScreen library for Microsoft Edge on Windows. The NewSmartScreenLibraryEnabled policy will allow enterprise customers to continue using the legacy version of the library until it is deprecated in Microsoft Edge version 105,

explains Microsoft in the change log of the latest version.

Security updates are also included. The update to the version 103 includes a new job search banner in the Microsoft Edge address bar, with a new policy that gives IT administrators the power to enable and disable it for all clients.

This banner helps you stay in the flow of your work by narrowing your search focus to job-only results. To view your organization’s work-focused results, select the banner at the top of the search. To be directed to your organization’s workplace search results page, select the banner at any time in your search. Use the AddressBarMicrosoftSearchInBingProviderEnabled policy to enable or disable this feature,

explains the company.

It goes without saying that all users of a are recommendedUpdate to the latest stable version as soon as possible. Not only to get the improvements mentioned above, but also because other security updates are included for all supported platforms.

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