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Harry Potter: a Warner Bros TV series coming soon

Thanks to HBO Max and Warner Bros. a TV series set in the Harry Potter universe could arrive in which the original novels remain the source material

The much talked about and long awaited TV series based on the Harry Potter franchise could soon become a reality. Some rumors reveal that the Warner Bros. Discovery is reportedly close to producing a television project for streaming video service HBO Max. Again according to the little news leaked so far, she would also be in talks to be involved as executive producer the author of the novels of the saga JK Rowling.

As far as known it would be a live-action series based on Rowling’s successful novels, which has been rumored since January 2021 when news of some conversations between Warner Bros. and potential authors first appeared. The stumbling block then as now would have been just JK Rowking who, owning all the rights to the franchise, he would have the final say on everything. The new developments, however, speak of an involvement of the writer in the production team.

Harry Potter: a Warner Bros TV series coming soon

What we know about the TV series set in the Harry Potter universe

The new television project, still looking for a writer and a showrunner, should draw directly from the seven books of the saga. The initial idea foresees that the potential TV series will develop for seven seasons, that is, one for each novel (it would not, therefore, draw on complementary materials as was done for the Fantastic Beasts films). At the moment we do not know anything else about the cast or the details of the plot.

The negotiations, in any case, would still be ongoing e the potential TV series has not yet been made official. An announcement could be coming soon, as Warner Bros. Discovery is holding a press event tomorrow to launch its new streaming video service, which could be the right time to officially break the news.

What is certain is that the company does not intend to give up a franchise that has made it to the cinema gross more than $7 billion. Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav has in fact met Rowling several times and has spoken out in support of the author when she was involved in the unfortunate dispute following some of his comments on transgender issues deemed regrettable. Would you like to see a Harry Potter series too? Let us know in the comments!

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