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Haylou RS4 Plus review: untapped potential

Complete review of the newcomer Haylou RS4 Plus, the elegant smartwatch part of the immense Xiaomi ecosystem

Although over the years it has often gone quietly, Haylou, the Chinese company part of the ecosystem set up by Xiaomi, tries to overturn the cards on the table with the new Haylou RS4 Plus, a device with attention to the smallest detail. All without sacrificing what has been their workhorse for years, or the list price, which we spoil you is still very competitive. But will these two things be enough to make it a best-buy? Let’s find out together.

Technical sheet | Haylou RS4 Plus review

  • Display: 1.78″ AMOLED, 368×448 pixel
  • Bluetooth: V. 5.1
  • Drums: 230mAh
  • Autonomy: 10 days approx
  • Dimensions: 45.2 x 37.2 x 10.4mm
  • Weight: 57g
  • Resistance to water: IP68
  • Strap size: 20mm

Haylou RS4 Plus review: untapped potential

Unboxing and build quality | Haylou RS4 Plus review

The rather simple sales package contains the smartwatch, the instruction manual and the charging cable. Once extracted from the box, the smartwatch presents itself to us in all its glory, in fact with its zinc alloy body and the large 1.78 “AMOLED panel we can guarantee that the first impression will be anything but negative. Although the lines and shapes are clearly uninspired, the smartwatch will be elegant in all situations, whether you want to use it for sporting activities or more “refined” events.

The supplied strap has a very interesting feature, namely a magnetic coupling very comfortable, fast and practical to use, if it were not for a stability that is not always impeccable (beware of sudden movements!). As per “tradition”, the sensors are positioned on the plastic back next to the magnetic pins for charging.

Hardware and autonomy | Haylou RS4 Plus review

Under the body we find a hardware sector in line with this price range, but capable of managing all operations in the best possible way. Among the latter we have: measurement of heartbeat, blood oxygenation, stress and temperature, albeit with a precision not always up to par. Even with regard to the measurement of steps, the smartwatch has one slight underestimation which often distorts the results by a good 25%. However, the amount of workouts available is noteworthy, well over 100 and of any type, thus embracing a large user margin. Then the awakening with the movement of the wrist is excellent, rather quick and precise. Finally, a shame for a not too incisive vibration, theabsence of light sensor and GPS integrated which will force you to rely on that of your smartphone.

On the other hand, the quality of the display is impressive, from 1.78 ”AMOLED and with a resolution of 368 × 448 pixels. Also notable is the peak brightness capable of showing the content on the screen even in direct sunlight. The contrast, sharpness and fluidity given by 60 Hz raise this panel on a par with the most famous competitors. One then takes care of everything to turn it around large 230mAh battery able to accompany us for at least 10 days.

Companion software and apps | Haylou RS4 Plus review

If with the hardware we have found some ups and downs, on the software the work done by Haylou has been painstaking. The features are not lacking, the graphics are treated in every detail but above all the cheap effect that can often be seen in this price range does not shine through, thanks to a clear and legible font. The applications are many, and range from the classic timer / stopwatch to the calendar, passing through the function flashlight and calculator.

However, the biggest defect that can be found is that relating toapp per smartphonediscreet in functionality but very bad in consumption management, thus causing abnormal battery consumption. After several days we were in fact forced to use the smartwatch in standalone mode, thus sacrificing notifications (however very sparse) and the weather. We just hope that Haylou solves this problem as soon as possible, so as not to frustrate all the efforts made on the product itself. In any case, from the app you will be able to access about 100 dials alternative, and in addition to the classic analog and digital we can find some dynamic ones.

Conclusions and price

Sold in colors nero, argento e pink goldthe newcomer Haylou RS4 Plus would have all the credentials to be considered a best buy, thanks to the extremely competitive price (62,99€ on Amazon or available on AliExpress even for less) and an enviable software stability. However, it is penalized by an insufficient companion app that does not allow to exploit all the potential of the product and its such a large and bright display. In any case, keep an eye on it in the coming weeks, since with the necessary updates it could represent the ideal purchase for those looking for a reliable smartwatch without necessarily having to spend a fortune.

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Points in favor

  • Display
  • Autonomy
  • Strap
  • Build quality

Points against

  • App companion
  • Sometimes inaccurate measurements
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