Hearthstone: The new update brings a lot of new content

Blizzard recently released a new update for Hearthstone that enriches the game with lots of new content

Hearthstone, the well-known Blizzard card game, has been around for many years but nevertheless continues to be played a lot. This is obviously due to the quality of the title, but also to the constant addition of new content by the company. In fact, Blizzard recently released a new update for Hearthstone which enriches the game with lots of new content.

The new Hearthstone update brings new cards and more

Hearthstone’s latest big update enriches the game with a new mini-set of cards and an adventure, but this is only the beginning. In fact, in the coming weeks they will also be added two more adventures that will allow you to have fun and earn rewards. Below you will find all the news available and coming soon:

  • Cave of Lament Mini-Set (June 3)
    • Prepare for the dangers that lurk in the Cave of Lamentations… The Cave of Lamentations Mini-Set, containing 35 new collectible cards, is now available for purchase from the in-game or web shop for € 14.99 or 2,000 gold.
  • Xyrella’s Book of Mercenaries (June 3)
    • When the fragments of Light rained down on Azeroth, the draenei dubbed the Night of Shooting Stars event. Guided by a mysterious voice, the priestess Xyrella goes in search of some luminous fragments that according to the rumor could save her daughter’s life. You will be able to experience the mission of the priestess in Xyrella’s Book of Mercenaries, which will be released on June 3.
  • Guff’s Book of Mercenaries (June 15)
    • Guff Runic Totem has always just wanted to lend a hand, but when “lending a hand” accidentally sparked the fury of some Treants who nearly razed Thunder Bluff, Guff vowed he would put things right. His mission of redemption led him and his companions to the Cave of Lamentation. What Guff finds inside will be revealed in Guff’s Book of Mercenaries, which will be released on June 15th.
  • Book of Heroes of Malfurion (June 22)
    • As the first druid, Malfurion has solemnly sworn to defend the world of nature from all threats, including that of his brother, for thousands of years. Despite his steadfast protection, the dangers of Azeroth have only grown over time, and the strength of nature’s enemies continues to grow with their cruelty. Malfurion’s tumultuous story will be told in the Book of Heroes of Malfurion, which will be published on June 22.

Hearthstone: The new update brings a lot of new content

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