Hell Let Loose is officially available on Steam

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Hell Let Loose, the military strategy developed by Black Matter and published by Team 17 is officially released from Early Access and is available in its full version. The game presents itself as a simulative shooter experience, where players compete in 50 vs 50 battles against the backdrop of different maps inspired by the battles of the Second World War.

Hell Let Loose is available

Hell Let Loose is a rather peculiar title within the online shooter ecosystem. The game packaged by Black Matter is indeed a simulative experience in all respects and, as such, it could be difficult to approach at first. Nevertheless the game offers a focus on collaboration between players really well done, where communication is a central element to aim for victory.

In Hell Let Loose, players will face off in massive 50 vs 50 battles across 11 different maps, spanning from Normandy to Stalingrad. Own Stalingrad and Kursk are two maps that make their debut at the game’s launch, as a first taste of the post-launch support thought by the developers. Together with them, 20 new weapons, 4 vehicles and the Russian armed forces will come into play.

Each of the new maps, from the Russian steppe grasslands in Kursk to the urban desert of Stalingrad, offers gameplay experiences that contrast not only with each other but also with the environments of the Western Front. The new locations offer the Hell Let Loose community the opportunity to create new strategies to overcome unprecedented challenges, tailor-made for these maps.

Here are the main features of Hell Let Loose:

  • The brutality of war in Europe: Hell Let Loose reconstructs the battles of the western and eastern front in two distinct modes, Offensive and Warfare.
  • Strategic gameplay: each platoon of 50 players is divided into several secondary teams, led by officers in direct communication with the commanding general, whose job it is to direct the flow of the game.
  • Play a roleThere are fourteen roles available to experiment with, from engineers to snipers, from commanders to doctors, all of which play a vital role in the course of the battle.

Hell Let Loose is currently available on Steam.

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