Halo Infinite: a leak reveals spoilers about the campaign

After the release of the beta of Halo Infinite, thanks to which players were able to get their hands on the title for the first time, some leaks appeared on the net that reveal spoilers about the singleplayer campaign, along with other details.

The long-awaited beta of Halo Infinite has finally been released, and fans can then get their hands on one of the most anticipated titles from Xbox Game Studios. It must be said that it is one technical beta, to verify the functioning of various aspects of the game: it is therefore to be expected that this version will not be definitive at all. Anyway, gods have sprung up on the net with this beta leak which reveal various details about the singleplayer campaign of Halo Infinite, including some spoiler about history.

Halo Infinite Leak: Everything We Know About the Campaign (No Spoilers)

It was the same creative director, Joseph Staten, to confirm what happened, through their official Twitter profile. In the tweet in question it was said that in this technical beta they were unintentionally included files containing texture information, including various spoilers that have begun to circulate on the network. The thread ended with the invitation to pay attention to spoilers and not to spread them in case you run into one of them.

In addition to these leaks, there is also other information we know about the Halo Infinite campaign. As noted by the Twitter account @_XboxNews, the Halo Waypoint seems to indicate the word “campaigns” in the plural, thus suggesting the presence of more than one campaign. We know that at launch there will be only one singleplayer campaign, but this does not exclude that new stories will be added in the years to come (also considering the statements of the former director, who had stated that the intention was to support the game for at least 10 years).

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