Here are the “Back To School” offers available on the Huawei Store

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The promotion has already started “Back To School” on the Huawei Store, which will offer many discounted technology products on the occasion of the return to school. Discounts will reach up to 50% of the list price, and PCs, tablets, smartphones, monitors, wereable and audio devices are included in the offerings. Discounts are valid until September 15.

In addition to price reductions, Huawei has also thought of gods gifts for customers. By purchasing a personal computer you will receive a Huawei Bluetooth Mouse and a Huawei Backpack Swift backpack, as well as a Huawei 4G Router by purchasing one of the laptops participating in the promotion.

The products of the “Back To School” promo on the Huawei Store

Without further ado, here are some of the most interesting Huawei devices that you could take home at a very low price.

Huawei MateBook D 15 i3, 8 + 256 GBThis is a perfect computer for normal and college use, boasting a really slim bezel. It is available at a price of 469 euro with a discount of 28%. It is included with all the gifts described in the previous paragraph.

Huawei Matepad 11 6+64: is the first tablet with Harmony OS, Huawei’s new proprietary operating system. At the price of 399 euro, is an extremely advanced product. It boasts a 120Hz screen refresh rate for maximum fluidity. If you are looking for a tablet to maybe take notes with, the Matepad 11 could really be perfect.

Huawei FreeBuds 4: at the cost of 139 euro, Huawei’s wireless earphones will also include a protective case and the new version’s wireless charger.

Huawei Watch 3: the wearable from Huawei, available at the price of 329 euro, is equipped with an independent e-Sim and an additional strap is included, a Leboo Smart Sonic and the smart electric toothbrush that can be managed via the app on the smartphone.

Huawei MateView GT: This is the manufacturer’s first curved monitor. Technically monstrous, it is priced at 449 euro. With 10 euros of deposit, you get a discount of 90 euros (excluding the SoundBar, however) and you will receive a free Huawei Sound audio speaker.

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