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Here are the board games to have fun on the beach

Board games become beach games. Board-beach-games go crazy under the umbrella

When board games become… umbrella games. Waterproof and windproof materials, small dimensions to put them in a suitcase or bag together with the sunscreen, excellent value for money, and above all the possibility to play endlessly even in large groups to have fun under the umbrella in a creative way. any age.

It is the novelty of the board-beach-gamesthe board games that arrive in the summer version to become perfect companions for fun on the days that will be spent at the beach or in the pool in the company of friends or family.

Here are the board games to have fun on the beach

It starts with what has become the classic of the classics of party games, Double, the card game (for two to eight players) that comes in the waterproof version: 55 waterproof cards, 8 symbols for each, and the challenge of finding the common symbol between two cards. A game that in its twelve years of life has won the hearts of children and adults precisely because of its small size and its ingenious simplicity that allows quick and lightning-fast games.

Again cards for another genre party game, in this case, collaborative. Is called So Clover, has been out a few months ago and promises to become a must of its kind. In this case, in fact, we play with words with the aim of finding the clues to guess, in fact, the secret keywords of the other players. Original note is the fact that cooperation with other players is required to win and get the best score. Ideal from 10 years upwards, it is ideal for families and groups of friends up to six people.

Another perfect game for summer 2022 is called Perudo. It is an ancient game of bluff originating in Peru that dates back to the fifteenth century and which requires intuition, a certain propensity for risk, an aptitude for calculation, and reserves many twists. Here too (as in almost all board-beach-games) the materials are resistant and waterproof and do not fly away at the first gust of wind. The dynamics are simple. Each player shakes the dice in one of the supplied colored glasses and places it on the towel or on the ground so that the result of the dice is not seen. Here begins the mechanism of calculation and bluffing since each player will have to bet on the results of the others.

Going back to the classics this year you can’t pack your suitcase without taking a copy of on vacation Exploding Kittens Party Pack, or THE card game that has become a reference point of the genre since its launch in 2015. Compared to the “winter” version, this edition contains many new cards that allow up to 10 players to play and is therefore ideal for large groups of friends. In addition, the game box has a peculiarity: it sounds and meows when you open it ..! Exploding Kittens is a zany feline version of Russian roulette in which players must be careful to get rid of the right cards to – literally – avoid exploding. The drawings of his cards, the work of the American cartoonist Matthew Inman, are now small pop icons, as well as hilarious and very incorrect memes about cats.

Finally, if we talk about summer and travel, we cannot fail to mention Ticket To Ride, with one of its city versions, such as London, New York, Amsterdam or the brand new San Francisco, ideal to put in a travel backpack and which allow fast and frenetic matches on the beach, imagining that you are among the crowded streets of your favorite metropolises. Those who do not yet know the world of Ticket To Ride can appreciate the simple and elegant mechanics, the beautiful illustrations and the fun of a game that for almost twenty years has been constantly in the top ten of the most popular board games by fans.

Asmodee’s advice

These were board games recommendations to take to the beach, straight from Asmodee. We invite you to follow our pages to stay up to date on the latest news from the world of collecting and much more!

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