Here are the Vodafone Eco-SIMs in recycled plastic

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Halfway between traditional and virtual ones, Vodafone’s Eco-SIMs make their appearance. That the London-based company offers on the market starting from October, and with the ambitious project of progressively replacing all the “old” cards.

Vodafone’s Eco-SIMs, as stated in a note, they will be introduced simultaneously in all 12 European markets covered by the telephony company. In addition to being offered for sale also in Egypt, Turkey and South Africa.

The initiative is part of a more overall commitment of the company to reduce its environmental impact. The announcement made at the beginning of the summer went in the same direction, according to which from 1 July 2021 the European Vodafone network would be powered only by electricity from 100% renewable sources. Moreover, the result had already been achieved in Italy in November 2020.

And today it’s up to Vodafone’s Eco-SIMs. Let’s find out what they are, how they are made and what advantages they will bring from the point of view of environmental impact.

Vodafone’s Eco-SIMs

The new Eco-SIMs from Vodafone will have half the size of the current ones. And especially they will be made from recycled plastic, unlike those on the market today, in so-called virgin plastic.

The efficiency of the coupon will, of course, be unchanged. And above all, according to a company note, Vodafone’s Eco-SIM “eliminates the need to produce 320 tons of virgin plastic annually, with an estimated potential saving of 1,280 tons of CO2 per year ”.

How to get the Vodafone Eco-SIM

In the company press release, dated October 19, there is still no mention of how to actually obtain Vodafone Eco-SIMs. But according to some rumors, the new coupons will be gradually introduced on the market in the coming days, at a completely affordable price.

Vodafone and the reduction of plastic consumption

Eco-SIMs are just Vodafone’s latest move in favor of cutting plastic consumption.

As early as 2020, the London-based company both from shops and offices all superfluous plastic and disposable items. Vodafone also withdrew the single-use plastic bags and limited the use of plastic promotional or marketing materials to a minimum. Which have largely been replaced with low environmental impact alternatives.

The reduction of carbon emissions

The note from Vodafone provides a rather exhaustive picture of Vodafone’s commitment to environmental protection. Its greenhouse gas reduction targets were approved in 2020 by the Science Based Targets initiative, in line with the reductions needed to limit the temperature rise to 1.5 ° C, as established by the Paris Agreement.

By 2030, the Vodafone Group is committed to eliminating its own greenhouse gas emissions and those from purchased electricity.

Vodafone Italia has advanced these objectives to 2025 for its own greenhouse gas emissions. And, as we have said, since November 2020 it has been purchasing electricity only from renewable sources. The other objective we mentioned was also centered: from 1 July 2021, the entire European network of Vodafone is powered 100% by electricity that comes from renewable sources.

A further commitment is then to halve emissions from third-party sources attributable to Vodafone (joint ventures, supply chain, use of devices and products sold) by 2030, and to eliminate them completely by 2040.

Waste management and circular economy

Vodafone has also committed to reuse, resell or recycle 100% of its network waste by 2025.

Furthermore the company supports the transition to a fully circular economy for devices sold to customers. And it has accelerated initiatives to extend their lifespan through repair, refurbishment and resale before they are responsibly recycled at the end of their useful life.

Among other initiatives, in 2021 Vodafone joined the Circular Electronics Partnership, which brings together leaders from across the value chain to promote circularity solutions for electronic products.

Vodafone Eco-SIM and e-SIM

Vodafone Eco-SIM cards are not actually the first ecological cards on the Italian market. Other telephone companies had already thought of it, such as Telecom with Green SIM and, in recent days, Very Mobile.

Meanwhile, Vodafone continues to spread e-SIMs, virtual cards, compatible with an ever-increasing number of devices.

While waiting for even customers less attentive to environmental protection (or less inclined to technology) to adapt to the transition from physical to virtual cards, here is the sustainable compromise of Vodafone Eco-SIMs.