How to carry out the correct maintenance of household appliances to prevent breakdowns

How to carry out the correct maintenance of household appliances to prevent breakdowns? Let’s find out in this in-depth study

Often, we understand the importance of performing one proper maintenance of household appliances only after having suffered a breakdown. With regular maintenance it is possible to keep them efficient, guarantee a longer life and even prevent malfunctions.

Preserving the efficiency of appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioning and TV means reduce the consumption of electricity and gas, so save on your bill.

If you notice an increase in energy consumption, a decrease in performance in any of your appliances, you need to find out why or if, in recent times, maintenance has been neglected.

Is it advisable to do it yourself for the correct maintenance of household appliances?

The do it yourself it is to be absolutely avoided: periodic maintenance cannot be improvised, especially if you are not a professional. It is necessary to contact technicians experienced in the repair and maintenance of household appliances. Those who reside in the Lombard capital can contact a multi-brand Milan appliance assistance.

Keeping small and large appliances efficient means running one regular cleaning inside and out and a series of checks and interventions (such as the replacement of filters) able to keep the appliances in optimal conditions.

Maintenance is synonymous with prevention and savings: it is a bit like the annual check-up at the dentist. Prevention is better than cure: regular checking is to avoid having to face bigger problems due to breakdowns and malfunctions.

The costs related to annual maintenance contracts will be well spent and paid off with a couple of greats benefits: avoid costly breakdowns and save on energy consumption thanks to the greater efficiency of household appliances.

Appliance maintenance: efficiency = savings

Aging and natural wear and tear of household appliances slow down their efficiency and performance in the long run.

An appliance that does not work as it should burns more electricity or gas because it works harder, so the costs in the bill increase. To be clear, a refrigerator that does not close properly to try to maintain the ideal internal temperature consumes more energy.

An appliance repair and maintenance company can detect problems that can significantly affect efficiency, such as filters in air conditioners that improve airflow.

L’energy efficiency it does not only depend on the class of the appliance: it can also depend on a hidden problem that causes waste and which periodic maintenance can identify through component-level diagnostic tools.

The maintenance of household appliances avoids dangers

Regular routine maintenance checks on household appliances guarantee savings, efficiency but also safety. Maintenance prevents risks and dangers, damages or injuries, accidents related above all to appliances powered by electricity or gas that can cause fires or explosions. There are thousands annually domestic fires caused by malfunctioning and neglected appliances.

A dryer that has a blocked vent can cause a fire, while a dishwasher that doesn’t drain properly can flood the kitchen. A fridge not adjusted to an ideal temperature can be responsible for food poisoning.

Useful tips for the maintenance of washing machine, refrigerator and air conditioner

To improve the efficiency and extend the life of appliances, you need to take care of them through some precautions.

Never overload the washing machine (during use it could damage the agitator) and the water pipe should be replaced every 5 years.

Regarding the fridge, it is advisable to always check the tightness of the door and the rubber gasket. If the fridge door is not closed properly, the energy consumption increases. The dust that settles behind the refrigerator hinders the insulation, causing it to overheat and reduce productivity.

Usually, household appliances tend to suffer serious damage in the summer due to high temperatures that cause power surges or energy overloads and compromise their operation. It is better to prevent with small precautions such as, for example, leaving the refrigerator connected to the electricity but at a minimum before leaving for the holidays. If you are not using the air conditioning for a long time it should be cleaned by removing the dust: after giving it a general check, it will have to be restarted at low speed.

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