Here’s how much Ferrari earned in 2023

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Ferrari closed 2023 in the best possible way, with truly record results and obviously the company expressed its great satisfaction in the results obtained: here is how much Ferrari earned in 2023

Ferrari has made really good money in 2023 and the company is ready to invest again, now more confident than ever in their projects (remember in fact the possible entry into the America’s Cup). Ferrari’s CEO, Benedetto Vigna, expressed great satisfaction. In his words, 2023 has been a very successful year for Ferrari, the year in which they strengthened the brand. Net profit up 34% has exceeded one billion euros and the annual EBITDA margin rose to 38.2%. Now they are ready to invest in their new industrial plan, which has a precise path. These financial results they encourage Ferrari for an even brighter future.

Here's how much Ferrari earned in 2023

How much Ferrari earned in 2023 with cars

Let’s start first with deliveries, which arrive at approx 13,663 units delivered in 2023, with an increase of 442 cars. During the year, the EMEA region recorded a 1.8% increasethe Americas by 10.6%, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan instead reported one decrease of 62 units, while APAC remained unchanged. Ferrari achieved these results thanks above all to the sales of Ferrari Purosangue. The first deliveries of the Roma Spider. During the year, deliveries of the F8 family ended and the Portofino M has almost reached the end of its life cycle. Deliveries have increased Special Series.

Speaking of earnings, Ferrari recorded earnings net revenues attested to 5,970 euros, up 17.2%. Most of them come from cars and spare parts, 5,119 million euros, up 18.5%. Ferrari had an increase in revenues from Sponsorships and commercial revenues relating to the brand at 572 million euros, +14.6%. The result was achieved mainly thanks to sponsorships, greater commercial revenues and better positioning in the Formula 1 championship operating margin it reached 2,279 million euros, up 28.5%. Operating profit reached 1,617 million, while net profit amounted to 1,257 million. Cash generation went from 758 to 932 million, while debts amounted to 99 million.

In short, with everything that Ferrari has gained in 2023, he doesn’t lack money. Continue to follow us on for other news from the world of motors and much more.