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Heroes International Film Festival returns with the third edition: all the appointments

The third edition of the Heroes International Film Festival is staged in Rome from 24 to 26 November: all the scheduled appointments

A calendar full of events and guests presented in the suggestive location of the Casa del Cinema in Rome that will characterize the third edition of the Heroes International Film Festival. An edition dedicated to the workers of cinema and television, which celebrates great artists and professionals of genre production, in particular linked to horror, fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, action and cross-over. The kermesse will be staged from 24 to 26 November 2022 at the Casa del Cinema in Rome, in the splendid setting of Villa Borghese, and will feature a very rich calendar, which was presented on Thursday 10 November with a special press conference. Let’s go and discover all the festival’s events, including preview screenings, international guests and a competition for short films.

Heroes International Film Festival: i film in anteprima

The review will offer the vision of six films in Italian preview, all linked to the representation of the youth world in dark and horror declination. Let’s start with American Carnage, a film signed by Diego Hallivis which includes Jenna Ortega, the next protagonist of the Wednesday series on Netflix, and Jorge Lendeborg Jr, who we saw in Bumblebee and Spiderman: far from Home. Here the story is told of a group of young immigrants who are forced to volunteer in a home for the elderly in which they discover a world where the boundaries between life and death are canceled. A film that mixes zombie-movie and comedy and offers a powerful metaphor for the condition of Latinos in the United States.

Space then a Deep FearFrench film by Gregory Beghin with Sonia Lessafre (The Miserables) and Victor Meutelet (Emily in Paris) in which three teenagers decide to celebrate their graduation in the Parisian catacombs, but find themselves haunted by a monstrous creature. Wolfkin Instead, it tells the story of young Martin, who after biting a schoolmate is taken to his grandparents’ house, where he will discover a terrible family secret.

As for animation, two films will be screened. The first is Demigod: the legend begins, a film belonging to the very successful Taiwanese franchise, which is divided into animated series, toys and comics and refers to the famous art of puppets, very famous throughout Asia. The other is The troublemaker fairydirected by Caroline Origer, which showcases the friendship between little Maxie and the fairy Violetta.

Finally, the only Italian film in this review is Space Monkeys. Directed by Aldo Juliano, the feature film is about five teenagers who at a party decide to play with an artificial intelligence, which will put them in front of increasingly demanding challenges, which will lead them to lose their innocence. The cast includes Sextape’s Souad Arsane, Riverdale’s Amanda Campana, Circeo’s Ambrosia Caldarelli, Baby’s Riccardo Mandolini and Zero’s Haroun Fall. The film will be screened on the evening of November 24 in the presence of the director and the cast.

Heroes International Film Festival: guests and awards

Many, as mentioned, also the guests protagonists of this edition of the Heroes International Film Festival. There will be international stars Ian Mackinnona real legend of stop motion, Terry Ackland-Snowa reference in Production Design capable of training generations of set designers and Arts Directors, e Sven Martin, the VFX Supervisor protagonist of Game of Thrones and its spinoff House of the Dragon. The first two will also be awarded respectively with the Heroes Master 2022 and the Heroes Master of Animation 2022, while Martin will be in the jury that will be called to evaluate the short films.

The other prizes of this edition go to the Costume Designer Gabriella Pescussito the director Emanuele Scaringi e alla factory Piximondo. Among the other guests of this film festival we find: David Orlandelli, Vincenzo Nisco, Mara Masiero, Paki Meduri, Walter Fasano, Maurizio Forestieri, Marino Guarnieri, Leonardo Cruciano, Lorenzo Raffi and Gaia Bussolati. Each guest will talk about their experience in film and television and answer questions from the audience.

Special events and the short film competition

The Heroes International Film Festival 2022 will also be peppered with several special events. We talked about the screening of Space Monkeys, but before the start of the review, on November 22nd at 8:10 pm, there will be a preview screening of One Piece Film Red at The Space Cinema Parco de Medici in Rome. Then, the other two special events are the evening dedicated to “Cinema and pop culture from the 80s to today”with the screening of Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece Super 8, and the review of documentaries and special screenings aimed at celebrating Italian Cinematographic Cultural Associations.

During the review, we will also see the competitions for short films, with 42 works divided into two categories, which will be evaluated by the jury composed of Sven Martin, the founder and artistic director of the View Conference Maria Elena Gutierrez, the Artistic Director Cartoon on the bay Roberto Genovesi and the director Marino Guarnieri. The jury will be chaired by the Artistic Director Max Giovagnoli. Appointment, therefore, at the Casa del Cinema in Rome from 24 to 26 November for the new, very rich, edition of the Heroes International Film Festival.

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