High on Life: disponibile su PS5

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After the rumors of the past few days, the official announcement has finally arrived and for a few hours High on Life has also been available on PS5 and PS4 for the happiness of all fans of the Sony console. Let’s find out all the details in the following news

For several days already, the rumors about an imminent arrival of High on Life on PS5 were increasingly insistent thanks above all to the various leaks leaked and to the addition of trofei sul database Playstation. In these hours the rumors have become reality and High on Life for PS5 is finally available in the PlayStation store at the cost of 59,99 euro. A choice, the one used by the development team of Squanch games, in a certain sense forced given the huge number of users who hoped to be able to play this bizarre shooter title also on the PlayStation platform. A first-person shooter that is certainly different from the usual, with very nice features and which immediately made itself loved in the PC and Xbox communities.

High on Life: disponibile su PS5

High on Life: the landing on PS5 and what the future holds

Starting from the official launch on the Xbox and PC platforms which took place on December 22, 2022, High on Life has managed to keep millions of gamers glued to the screen thanks to an engaging gameplay and very accurate graphics with unique and nice traits. This huge worldwide success has led the team of Squanch Games to make High on Life also available on PS5 and thousands of purchases and downloads are already registered on the PlayStation store a few hours after its launch. One first person shooter which completely differs from the war settings of the classic Battlefield and which catapults fans into a fantasy world with creatures with alien traits and with weapons capable of speaking and interacting with the user himself. Plus, it delivers many customization possibilities and it has already been announced nuovo DLC High on Knife which will bring a breath of horror to the entire gaming experience.

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