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Hisense washing machine review: cleanliness and effectiveness while respecting the environment

In recent times Hisense is extending its technological arm into the vast world of consumer electronics by conquering every field thanks to a large one attention to design and performance managing to maintain an excellent value for money. After having ascertained the absolute quality of the televisions Hisense, the time has come to test for you a new appliance from the company, the lavatrice Hisense WFGA80141VM, here is yours review.

Our review of the Hisense WFGA80141VM washing machine

We are facing one 8KG washing machine of energy class A +++ (or B, with the new labeling) and ben 1400 spinning revolutions.


Despite the carrying capacity, it manages to keep one relatively small size counting 60x85x54,5 cm for about 67Kg of weight. The external body is characterized by a classic white metal from which the large 340 mm porthole distinguished by a vibrant black that recalls the color of Display Touch Screen. This is characterized by a mild tilt up which allows a clearer view of the display without having to bend over or get too close. The interface, which we will see in detail later, is practical and intuitive and offers one 360 ° view of the washing we are going to do.

The basket is made of stainless steel and is characterized by the innovative design Wave Plus. It is a particular system designed by Hisense itself that guarantees a better washing while ensuring maximum care for the most delicate garments. The 3D surface of the drivers creates a waterfall effect that improves the cleaning offered by the detergents for a wash that is always at the Top. The door handle has also been redesigned compared to the classic models to offer a more comfortable grip.


The Hisense washing machine is equipped with the innovative Inverter motor, a particular solution that it abandons the classic electric brush motors for a more efficient, silent system that also saves on the bill. The washing machine has indeed a noise level of 74 dB during maximum spin which drops to just 53 dB during washing. In a nutshell, this is an exceptional decrease in noise compared to more traditional washing machines.

The use of these technologies, as well as the Wave Plus design of the basket, makes this device the ideal ally against stains. Even with the heaviest loads and the most stubborn dirt, the washing machine always manages to obtain the best results thanks to the practical programs inserted in the display. To select them we have the classic circular knob while other options such as the pre-wash, the temperature oi revolutions of the centrifuge they will respond to Touch commands.

Between programs we find the most classic and useful ones such as washing for whites, colors, cottons, blends, intense washing, lasting 50 ‘and so on. Among these we also find some peculiarities of this model that we tell you in the next paragraph.

The new features of the Hisense washing machine

Between particular types of washing and news of the Hisense washing machine we find:

  • Programma Allergy Care – This is a particular type of program that uses a higher temperature, up to a maximum of 90 °, to treat the items of particularly sensitive skin or allergic people. Thanks to this program, which also guarantees an extra rinse to eliminate all traces of detergents, allergens will be removed from the fabrics.
  • Programma Steam Mix – We are facing another particular program lasting about 25 minutes that does not use water but the power of steam to make the laundry softer, eliminate bad smells or sanitize the clothes by removing bacteria and allergens
  • Automatic Dosage – The Dose Assist is a function of the washing machine that will communicate, according to the selected settings and the load, the optimal amount of detergent to use
  • Green Bar – The Green Bar is a section of the display that will indicate how high the savings of the settings selected for that wash are. The higher the value of the Green Bar, the more ecological the washing will be in terms of energy and water consumption

Our experience with the Hisense 8 KG washing machine

We have had the opportunity to test the feats of this Hisense washing machine for almost a month in which we have made it wash everything. Let’s start immediately with the most logistical part: this Hisense washing machine is simple to assemble and operate. The components are in fact the classics of any washing machine, a water drain hose, an inlet hose and an electric plug. After doing this we can immediately start washing (remember to remove the safety brackets!). The Digital display is simple and clear to read and allowed us to obtain the perfect wash in any situation. The detergent basket is divided into three classic sections for washing, pre-washing and for fabric softener. A practical removable section in the wash compartment allows you to use both liquid and powder detergents.

The most intriguing parts were obviously the special washes and options for this washing machine that we saw in the previous paragraph. Classic washes work perfectly and although they have default settings, we can still customize them in terms of time, power, water, temperature and revolutions of the washing machine. With the right settings we can not only decrease the washing duration time, also indicated on the display, but also increase the savings in terms of water and electricity thanks to the practical Green Bar.

The program occupies a place in our hearts Steam Mix which uses steam to “refresh” the clothes and make them easier to iron. More often it has been used all those that unfortunately we have left the clean clothes in the basket for too long before ironing them. A spin in the Steam Mix and the clothes are like regenerated, ready to be ironed and stored (this time really).

In a short time, the effectiveness and design of this Hisense washing machine won us over with washes, perfume and savings on the bill.

The review of the Hisense washing machine in a nutshell

Hisense WFGA80141VM washing machine once again confirms Hisense’s intentions to become a major player in the consumer electronics scenario. This object has become part of our daily life, enriching our routine in the care of the house and of the clothes to be washed. Its effectiveness is matched only by the excellent quality-price ratio. This 8KG Hisense washing machine is in fact available from 450 €. A much lower figure than competitors that offer roughly the same features.

It is the right opportunity to make an excellent upgrade in your washes, saving time, electricity and also having an eye towards the environment.

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