Hitman 3, all the news of the second year: Ray Tracing, PC VR and much more

The start of the second post-launch year of Hitman 3 is approaching, IO Interactive has many surprises in store including Ray Tracing and PC VR

IO Interactive has unveiled its plans for another year of post-launch content for the highly regarded Hitman 3, aka the latest title in the famous Agent 47 stealth saga, these will include support for the Ray Tracing and al PC VR. From January 20, 2022, Year 2 will feature new maps, stories and modes along with other features for 12 months. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Hitman 3: if you play the title on PC you will soon be able to enjoy it in Ray Tracing and with virtual reality PC VR

Big news for Hitman 3: The Ray Tracing is also confirmed for PC, while the virtual reality of the PC VR will arrive on the same platform before the start of Year 2. Some of the new modes players can expect include Elusive Target Arcade. It is advertised as “Elusive Target’s latest challenge in an established formula change in this fan favorite game mode.” The content added to the mode will be permanent – expect more details in early January 2022. There is also a “important update“For the spring 2022.

With that in mind it should certainly be interesting to see how Year 2 of the game will turn out. Hitman 3 offered the Seven Deadly Sins, a seven-part series of expansions that add new costumes and challenges for Agent 47, in its first year along with seasons. Whether IO Interactive is taking the same approach or not for the future remains to be seen, so stay tuned. The developer also confirmed that the World of Assassination has had 50 million players to date and that Hitman 3 is the most successful title in the series of all time. As for the other projects of the famous Danish studio, there is still little information on the mysterious Project 007, a kind of ambitious tribute to James Bond (whose protagonist should not have the appearance of any actor who played the historic secret agent in the course of his various film appearances). A while ago IO Interactive had released several job announcements for this production, more details about it in this article.

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