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Hogwarts Legacy: DualSense support confirmed on PS5

“Accio DualSense”: the PS5 controller and all the features of the new Sony console compete for the Sorting Hat in Hogwarts Legacy

Avalanche Software and Portkey Games have just revealed some new details regarding Hogwarts Legacyone above all the support a DualSense and the various features of PS5. The controller’s adaptive triggers, as well as its haptic feedback, are just two of the tools that players will be able to use properly to immerse themselves in the cloak of students. The effects of the controller, of course, will be implemented more on the right half, in such a way as to best simulate the feeling of holding a wand. No, it is not certain that the vibration also simulates the elder.

Expecto vibratio: DualSense and PS5 functions for Hogwarts Legacy

The features of PS5 in Hogwarts Legacy, however, certainly do not stop at DualSense alone. Beyond the tactile sensation of chopping the ingredients during the Potions class or the virtual broom in your hands, even thelighting controller will be implemented based on spells. Or, of course, also depending on the color of your home. Indeed Ravenclaw maintains the classic blue with a bronze tinge, while Gryffindor will be scarlet and gold as always. As for the graphics, there will be two main modes: fidelity and performance. In short, a very promising picture!

The resolution in 4K it will be supported, but that’s probably what fidelity mode is for. The performance mode, on the other hand, consists of a higher framerate. In addition to all this, 3D audio is supported by additional sounds played from the speaker on the controller. You can also expect fast loading times from the console’s SSD, as well as support for Activity Cards and help features. To the detriment of the functions related to the Juventus monolith, the game is also available on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, Nintendo Switch and PC in the Christmas time.

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