Hogwarts Legacy: Glimpse the game in a PlayStation teaser

Thanks to a teaser published on the official PlayStation social profiles, we were able to see some clips of Hogwarts Legacy: is it the clue that new news is coming, or a simple reminder?

Fans of the universe of Harry Potter they are probably pawing as they await the arrival of Hogwarts Legacy. Presented for the first time in September 2020 during one of the PlayStation 5 Showcase, the title was able to immediately capture the attention of the followers of the saga conceived by JK Rowling, presenting itself as the only open-world action-rpg set in Wizarding World. After its postponement to 2022, we have not had much news on the title, and this perhaps for a little while: a very short has been posted on the official PlayStation profiles teaser on their consoles, and among the various games shown there is also a few scenes from Hogwarts Legacy. Does this mean something important?

Hogwarts Legacy shown in the PlayStation teaser

Clearly this news must be taken giving it the right weight, as it is only a few pieces of gameplay already seen in original trailer. As already mentioned, in the teaser di PlayStation various games are presented, all obviously playable on Sony home consoles, and including Hogwarts Legacy. This doesn’t even mean that Hogwarts Legacy will be Sony exclusive: we have already confirmed that the game will also be released for PC and Microsoft consoles, so there is nothing to fear.

What one may be wondering though is whether this move can mean something for the immediate future. As we said earlier, the game was originally supposed to come out in 2020, but it was postponed to 2022, without however being provided more specific launch windows. Since the last months of this 2021 are now coming, we can perhaps expect to see new updates on the development of Hogwarts Legacy. Maybe even one exit date, maybe.

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