Il metaverso arriva a scuola grazie a Virtuademy, piattaforma simulativa in tempo reale thumbnail

The metaverse arrives at school thanks to Virtuademy, a real-time simulation platform

AnotheRealitya leading developer of immersive XR (eXtended Reality) solutions, launches Virtuademya real-time, three-dimensional simulation metaverse platform aimed at students and teachers.

The presentation will take place from 8 to 10 March on the occasion of the sixth edition of Didacta Italy Fairthe most important event on innovation in the school world at the Lower Fortress a Firenze.

AnotheReality launches school into the metaverse with Virtuademy

Virtuademy is one real three-dimensional and interactive virtual academywhich can be accessed via an augmented reality viewer directly from your own home.

A virtual classroom works something like this: once the lesson has started, the teacher can enrich the environment with static or animated 3D elementsresizable as needed.

Furthermore, the teacher can choose to launch multimedia materials such as presentations, documentaries or documents inside a large screen or dedicated windows, and use the virtual whiteboards to fix concepts or take notes.

Virtuademy is a metaverse platform suitable for secondary schools.

“Virtuademy is a tool that allows you to experience the opportunities of the metaverse, a real experiential laboratory with customizable modular spaces, and tools for collaboration and immersive interaction” he commented Lorenzo Cappanari, CEO di AnotheReality.

“Thanks to the laboratories, students have the opportunity to learn in a completely new way, facilitating learning through experientiality and the visualization of objects and places that normally could not be seen or visited”.

Within the platform it is possible to enable up to twelve different types of laboratories.

Virtuademy laboratories

  • The Chemistry Laboratory allows students to move between 3D molecules and atoms of the different elements of the periodic table.
  • Il Physics Laboratory allows you to use three-dimensional objects to see how different forces act.
  • Il Mathematics and Geometry laboratory allows students to walk and compare geometric shapes, solids, mathematical curves on 2 and 3 axes and understand the construction of solid planes and the concepts of derivatives and integrals.
  • Il Science Laboratory it is perfect for exploring the human body and its organs thanks to virtual reality, allowing you to understand the functioning of each organ and its position in the human anatomy.
  • Il Prose and Poetry Workshop it transports the students inside a Greek theater and allows them to recite their own or others’ poems.
  • In the Mechanics laboratory you come into contact with mechanical parts, engines, machinery and machines dedicated to production.
  • In the Art Workshop e Culture students can view and interact with 3D reproductions of works in the Smithsonian Museum.
  • In the Prehistory laboratory students can look at the 3D bones of our ancestors, walk among the fossils and be confronted with a life-size Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  • Il Space laboratory will challenge students through the assets and tools of the Apollo 11 mission.
  • Il Electricity Laboratory ed Electromagnetismon the other hand, dedicated to the instruments made up to now by great scientists.
  • Il Effective Communication Lab it is a serious team game experience to exercise and increase students’ soft skills, above all that of being able to express themselves clearly, paying particular attention to the skill related to Public Speaking.

“Downstream of the twelve workshops, Virtuademy offers three further ways of advanced didactic interaction – concludes Cappannari – it allows you to create a real arena for debate, putting into practice the presentation skills of each student. Furthermore, thanks to the platform’s construction tools, students will be able to create a metaverse environment and try their hand, thanks to the dynamics of gamification, in real-time checks on the effective understanding of the subject”.

Finally, for teachers, the platform provides a training course certified by the School of Robotics, a training body accredited by the Ministry, as well as webinars dedicated to the creation of new teaching material and accompanying use.

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