HolyHigh HV-368 review: true wireless for everyone

The HolyHigh HV-368 is an affordable proposition in the increasingly saturated market for true wireless headphones. Find out more in this review

Since the launch of the first version of Apple EarPods, the headphone market has pushed relentlessly in the direction of earphones true wireless. The Apple product is considered one of the best compromises between sound quality and smart functionality but the selling price certainly does not allow the purchase by users with fewer needs and economic availability. Precisely with this need, both the most famous companies and small startups have decided to propose their solution poured into a cheaper price range.

the HolyHigh HV-368 considered in this review embody a budget earphone solution that does not, however, give up smart features in true wireless style. Indeed, in their arsenal of possibilities they also have the possibility of guaranteeing the charging of an external device thanks to a large battery included in the charging case of the headphones.

HolyHigh HV-368 review: true wireless for everyone

HolyHigh HV-368 review: simple and functional design but far from unique

Opening the sales package you find yourself in front of the two in-ear earphones and the charging case with small dimensions despite the fact that it contains a 3000 mAh battery (declared). There are also two additional pairs of rubber pads of different sizes which, combined with those already installed on the headphones, guarantee a comfortable use for anyone who is the user, thanks also to small wings that reinforce the grip. Overall we can say that you have one in your hands complete proposal, with a refined design and made with excellent materials, although it certainly cannot be said to be in front of an original product in its entirety. At least, however, we are not yet talking about the usual product that winks at the Apple counterpart more than necessary. Going to carry out a separate analysis, the charging case is characterized by a door with magnetic closure inside which we find the housings with the charging pins of the earphones and some LEDs indicating the status of the charge. On the external side surface, on the other hand, there is an entrance micro-USB and a full-size USB output for charging external devices. The earphones instead have two clickable buttons to be used for smart functions and small LEDs indicating the on / off status.

HolyHigh HV-368 review: how many problems on the audio quality front

Anyone who knows me and has already had the opportunity to read my other reviews, knows that I particularly appreciate those audio playback devices that I define “fun”. With this term I refer to a sound performance that is not perfectly balanced between its frequencies but rather, accentuated on the bass, without however losing the various nuances. Well, these HolyHigh HV-368 are fun headphones, maybe too much. The audio is exaggeratedly unbalanced towards the bass which often tend to overwhelm those who are still good mids and low incisors highs.

HolyHigh HV-368 review: true wireless for everyone

In reality, however, considering the overall offer and the sale price, it could easily be postponed, were it not for a bad defect that I hope can only belong to the device under test. By making swings with the face while wearing the earphones, the resulting audio changes drastically alternating between more closed and more open sounds, as if the drivers inside suffer particularly from fast movements. Definitely a bad flaw that negatively affected the overall experience. The microphone present in the earphones instead is nothing more than what we are used to having in this price range, that is, useful in silent environments but unusable where the environmental decibels increase excessively.

HolyHigh HV-368 review: smart functionality at the top

HolyHigh HV-368 are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 which allows you to always have a stable and delay-free connection between the sound source and the output of the earphones. What amazed me most is theincredible speed of connection with the various devices, just out of the case, in fact, it takes less than 1 second to connect. There are also the classic quick functions of Play / Pause, Next, Call management with a press of the buttons included in the earphones, as well as the ability to connect with Google Assistant by pressing and holding the same button.

The battery life did not fully convince me as the earphones have a duration of about 3-4 hours, not a good result considering that they are not very quick to recharge. Speaking of recharging, the battery included in the case with the possibility of recharging an external device is really a brilliant idea that is definitely appreciated but, probably, we are far from the declared value of 3000 mAh which, more realistically, approaches about 2000 mAh actual.

It’s time to take stock

Considering the selling price of circa € 40 your Amazon it becomes very difficult to define whether these HolyHigh HV-368 are a product to recommend or not. While on the one hand the smart and true wireless functions are almost perfect, it is inevitable not to take into account the difficulties encountered during audio playback. But surely you will find them a sensible purchase if you are an occasional user.

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Points in favor

  • Smart functionality
  • Great connection
  • Google Assistant

Points against

  • Audio not at the top
  • Battery life
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