Le offerte Internet casa diventano più convenienti durante il Black Friday thumbnail

Home Internet offers become cheaper on Black Friday

Internet home deals become cheaper during Black Friday thumbnail

the Internet home offers still become more convenient and with Black Friday the savings opportunities multiply. The new investigation bySOStariffe.it Observatory confirms that the change of operator, for the home Internet connection, is a particularly convenient choice at the moment. Average prices are falling and promotions are multiplying.

Home Internet offers become cheaper on Black Friday

According to the survey by the SOStariffe.it Observatory, the monthly fee for Inter offersnet casa is down by 7% compared to November 2020, reaching € 29.74. As for promotions, moreover, the promotional fee drops to € 24.41 with a 3% drop compared to last year. Furthermore, when available, the promotions applied by the providers are almost always indefinite. The survey also finds a 22% drop in the activation fee which records an average value of 55 euros.

Your savings increase with Black Friday offers

The comparison portal survey highlights the advantages of changing telephone operators during Black Friday. Providers are offering special offers of various kinds for new customers. Among the promotions available, highlights SOStariffe.it, we find the possibility of activating a subscription with a discounted fee for the first 12 months or with free activation. Other operators, on the occasion of Black Friday, offer additional benefits to new customers such as devices, streaming services or free discount coupons.

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