Keo: il gioco che "infiamma" i combattimenti fra veicoli thumbnail

Keo: the game that ignites vehicle combat

Keo: the game that "ignites" vehicle fighting thumbnail

Redcatpig and Digital Matters Publishing have announced that KEO, the vehicle combat multiplayer game, will be on the market on December 9, 2021, with the arrival on Steam Early Access.

Keo: the characteristics of the game

Gamers will be offered the opportunity to choose the vehicle and equipment that best suit their style of play, customizing it with an arsenal of explosive weapons before turning on the engines and reaching the battlefield, fighting for supremacy; in a variety of game scenarios.

Earlier this month, KEO “made itself known” to users with a free 24-hour session in which about one million contacts were registered. This is a step that, with regular beta tests that have also taken place in recent months to ensure the best possible experience for the launch, should guarantee its success on the market.

The point of view of management

David Patching, marketing director of Digital Matters Publishing, said: “The fighting style of the vehicles featured within KEO clearly drew with a wide audience. Even in this initial phase – he added – we are really excited about the interest shown and we can’t wait for the release on Steam Early Access, with a development roadmap up to 2022 and beyond “.

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