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Hometopia: the free demo thrills players ahead of the release

On the occasion of the Steam Next Fest, the Hometopia development team makes public the enthusiastic feedback of the players: release expected in 2022.

Discovering Hometopia: the house design and renovation game

With the Steam Next Fest now over, The Isn’t Company publicly shares the incredible fan response regarding Hometopia. The game is a PC case design and renovation simulator. The enthusiasm is particularly felt also because the development team is made up of just five people.

Hometopia, for now released for free in demo version, is literally driving players crazy. To demonstrate this, the development team has made public numerous user feedbacks. Here are some of them:

  • Sims killer
  • Absolutely blown away! There were so many ‘no waaaaay’ moments
  • This is the most fun I have had in a game in a long time.
  • This game has huge potential to put a shadow on all similar games in that genre.
  • I haven’t sat down and played anything for this long.
  • It combines all the features that so many people wanted to see in one game!
  • I’m actually shaking with excitement
  • Utterly blown away by my first play on stream tonight! It has such an enormous future!

Over the course of the six days of Steam Next Fest, the game demo did record tens of thousands of downloads. Hundreds of players simultaneously found themselves building their worlds in this new multiplayer sandbox. The average playtime per user was an hour and a half, per a total of 28,000 in-game hours. The title was also consistently in the Top 10 of the festival’s trends, also thanks to the numerous streamers who showed interest in the game.

Regarding the success of Hometopia, Alex Ahlund, founder and director of The Isn’t Company, he has declared:

“We are blown away by all the positive feedback and designs that players have recreated in-game in such a short time. All this makes us even more motivated to work on the official release in January, which will also represent the possibility of creating your own home in the much discussed Metaverse “

The developers are in fact working on Career Mode, to allow an even more satisfying gaming experience. The official release of Hometopia is scheduled for January 2022.

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