TikTok tests a new monetization feature

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From what we have learned in these hours, the TikTok App is experimenting with a new tool that will allow creators to receive money from fans outside of live shows. This is confirmed by the same company that manages the platform, which has stated that the function is currently being tested, and therefore not to be considered available on a large scale. Let’s find out more about it then.

TikTok: App tests for creators the possibility of receiving money outside of live shows

Creator Jera Bean recently noticed for the first time the feature that allows users to send money to their favorite creators directly from their profile. The option was captured in a video and shared on Twitter, only to be picked up by social media consultant Matt Navarra. From what we know, the option is currently available to creators who have at least 100 thousand followers, meet the age requirements and have accepted the terms of TikTok.

Credits: Mashable

The creators, therefore, will only have to send a request to test the function. And they will be notified as soon as it is approved. At that point, they will receive a Pulsante “Tips” on their profile, which will allow users to send them money even outside of live shows. Optionally, it will be possible to “donate” 5/10/15 $, or an amount of your choice. And, if you prefer, you can also make the donation anonymously. What’s really interesting, then, is that creators will be able to monetize without the platform keeping a part of the money. Although we don’t know if it will really be like this forever.

TikTok insists on creator monetization

By adding the ability to send money to creators through the profile, the TikTok App is finishing its own push towards monetization, with the intent to support creators in making money directly from the platform. In fact, last year, the company introduced a $ 200 million fund aimed at helping creators in the United States to incentivize their earnings. And recently it has supported them in closing partnerships and collaboration agreements with brands of all kinds, also allowing them to earn directly from live shows. At this point, considering how much the company is investing in monetization, it is no surprise that the App is testing yet another function for sending money to creators.

Among other things, it must be considered that TikTok is not the only platform that is working to push on creator monetization. Not surprisingly, Twitter already launched the “Tip Jar” feature earlier this year, allowing creators to receive “tips” from users. A good option for a select group of users including nonprofits, journalists, experts and creators. Once again, then, the platforms show that they are interested in creator earnings. On the other hand, we know that content creators attract audiences, make money spin, and give successes.