Honda Civic Full Hybrid protagonist of the Milan Monza Motor Show 2022

Honda Civic Full Hybrid protagonista del Milano Monza Motor Show thumbnail

2020 Honda Jazz

Honda and the new Honda Civic Full Hybrid are among the protagonists of the new edition of the Milano Monza Motor Show, in progress until next June 19th. During the event, which transforms the streets of Milan into an open-air exhibition dedicated to the world of four wheels, Honda offers the new Honda Civic Full Hybrid which showcases all its sportiness as well as its high sustainability guaranteed by a complete electrification.

Honda protagonist of the Milan Monza Motor Show with the new Honda Civic Full Hybrid

The new Honda Civic Full Hybrid is one of the most recent novelties of the Japanese house. The model will be available exclusively in the Full Hybrid version and will allow Honda to achieve the electrification goal of the entire range by 2022. It is, therefore, a key project for the future of the brand.

A complete range for Honda at the event

It should be noted that Honda also showcases two Full Hybrids and one Full Electric at the Milan Monza Motor Show: HR-V, Jazz, Jazz Crosstar e Honda and. The Honda models are exhibited in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II with the HR-V, the Jazz and the Honda and which will then be present in the Focus Electric and Hybrid Cars in Viale Gadio. Thanks to an area dedicated to test drives, it will also be possible to try the potential of the models firsthand.

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