La prima selezione di eSport di ACI Rally Italia Talent in corso al MiMo 2022 thumbnail

MiMo 2022: off to the first selection of ACI Rally Italia Talent eSports

The first selection of ACI Rally Italia Talent eSports underway at MiMo 2022 thumbnail

On the occasion of the MiMo – Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Showscheduled until June 19th, ACI Rally Italia Talent, alVolante and Suzuki kick off the first eSport selection of ACI Rally Italia Talent. The e-sport event will allow aspiring rally drivers to compete on board the Swift e-Sport from Gran Turismo 7 and will be active until 10pm on June 19. For the winners there will be a unique opportunity to participate in the Aci Rally Italia Talent. Here are the details

On the occasion of MiMo 2022, the first eSport selection of ACI Rally Italia Talent takes place

Would-be rally drivers who stand out with the PlayStation pad will be able to participate, completely free of charge, in the regional selection of ACI Rally Italia Talent. The event will be held between 14 and 15 July at the Monza racetrack and will see the protagonists Suzuki Swift Sport Hybrid, model chosen by Aci Rally Italia Talent as the best compact sports car, both for performance and for fun.

Appointment in the center of Milan

The event of the first edition of the ACI Rally Italia Talent esports takes place in Piazza San Carloin the heart of Milan and in parallel to the MiMo – Milano Monza Open Air Motor Show 2022. Overall, the selection of 25 Gran Turismo 7 drivers is expected during the MiMo 2022. The selected ones will then be able to try to participate for free in a valid race for the ACI Sport Championships or Trophies in the official Rally Italia Talent Team.

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