Honda Navi, l'anello di congiunzione tra moto e scooter thumbnail

Honda Navi, the link between motorcycles and scooters

A cross between a motorcycle and a scooter: this is how the new one could be defined Honda Navi, this curious little creation that the Japanese giant that will launch in the United States in January 2022. If its aesthetic immediately attracts, no less will its launch price, which officially is 1,807 US dollars, which is equivalent to about 1,600 euros.

The design of the Honda Navi is similar to the Honda MSX, (of which, by the way, 750,000 units have been sold since 2014) but comes with only the automatic transmission. So much emphasis on easy driving, agility and excellent fuel economy. Indeed, the little Navi is based on a single cylinder 109c compressed air enginec, which consumes as little as with his own tank of only 3.5 l allows you to travel up to 160 km, which is something like about 46.7 km per liter.

Honda Navi, the economical alternative to electric scooters

Honda Navi features a single rear shock absorber and features 12 “front and 10” rear wheels, which house 90/90 and 90/100 tires. Both brakes are drum brakes. In addition, it has a compartment under the tank for storing small items while its wide saddle can also accommodate a passenger. Thanks to its small size and very low fuel consumption, Honda Navi is perfect for getting around in dense urban traffic.

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At launch there will be a total of 4 colors to choose from: red, reflective green, brown and turquoise. n its low consumption, the Navi wages war on electric scooters and motorcycles, since the autonomy is much higher than that of any ‘low cost’ electric and its refueling takes only a few seconds.

Unfortunately there is no news of a launch in Europe and therefore in Italy. Perhaps Honda first wants to “test” the appeal of this mini bike in a market that more than others is ready to incorporate such “extreme” two-wheel models.

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