Honda Striemo here is the new folding electric scooter

Striemo, anche Honda ha il suo monopattino elettrico thumbnail

Honda has created a new company under its umbrella called Striemo. It was created to give shape to a new electric micro-mobility product based on innovation. Which, translated into more colloquial language, means that they have produced a foldable three-wheel electric scooter.

Called precisely Striemowill begin to be marketed in Japan at the end of 2022, so it is very likely that it will land in Italy in the course of 2023.

Technically, it is based on Honda’s three-wheeled Gyro, with a very long history spanning several decades and is now being developed as an electric vehicle. Therefore, it has three wheels, two behind and one in front. The latter has the particularity of being able to lean when approaching a curve, or an intersection, in a similar way to a conventional motorcycle. Behind, however, the wheels always remain perpendicular to the ground.

Honda Striemo, foldable and with a range of 30 km

Unlike the Gyro mentioned above, the Honda Striemo electric scooter has a small flat platform instead of a seat. Stremio drives by tilting the body slightly, but with the feet always straight. This facilitates balance and minimizes the driver’s need for pressure on the platform.

Honda Striemo 08

Honda Striemo 04

The Striemo is equipped with a small electric scooter which drives the rear wheels and one removable and interchangeable battery. Another winning feature is that it can be folded for carrying in the elevator or stowed away in the trunk. It can also be positioned vertically to take up minimal space, and is equipped with a handle for carrying it by hand.

Il total weight is 20 kg and the maximum speed it is capable of reaching is 25 km / h. Ha three driving modes and is able to walk 30 km with a full charge, for which it must be connected for about 3 hours and 30 minutes.

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