LEGO CON 2022: Star Wars, Marvel, Avatar and more!

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LEGO kicked off summer celebrations for its 90th anniversary with LEGO CON 2022

Il LEGO group has opened the curtain on lego con, the virtual and free show par excellence, which once again wowed fans all over the world. Specially designed for families who love bricks, the two-hour appointment, led by Vick Hope, Joel McHale e Melvin Odoomit was full of entertainment and allowed LEGO fans from all corners of the planet to get a sneak peek at the brand’s latest news.

Wrapped in the celebratory and special atmosphere of the 90th anniversary, the program of the event was full of sessions, so much so as to leave the virtual guests speechless, also thanks to the moments dedicated to magic, the fantasy world and even superpowers.

LEGO CON 2022 is back and bigger than ever!

90 years of play

With the session “90 years of play“, The LEGO Group has kicked off the summer of celebrations in honor of the important anniversary and has announced the launch of two unique and celebratory products with a nostalgic flavor. In fact, at the center of the scene, on the one hand Castle of the Knights of the Lion LEGOcomplete with a working drawbridge and shutter, hidden passages, escape routes in the basement and rotating water wheels, on the other hand, the LEGO Galactic Explorer setwhich was unveiled through a touching reunion of LEGO families.

In addition to the new products, the company presented the motto “Make the World a Playground“: The summer campaign that invites children and AFOL to unleash their imaginations and use their creativity to add even more play to the world.

Wonderful new products

Among the novelties unveiled, fans and fans were able to take a look at the brand new range of products Lego Avatar, which celebrates the release of Avatar: The Way of Water, scheduled for December. Among the revealed sets, Toruk Makto and theLEGO Avatar Soul Treewhich recreates the scene from the first film in which Jake, as Toruk Makto, gathers the Omatikaya Clan to defend the Tree of Souls and all of Pandora.

LEGO CON 2022: Star Wars, Marvel, Avatar and more!

The company also announced interesting news for its most popular lines. Another great revelation, in fact, allowed guests to get to know exclusively the brand new sets of the LEGO Star Wars galaxy. The Justifier LEGO Star Wars e Walker AT-TE LEGO Star Warsare ready to offer saga and building lovers the chance to recreate the epic scenes of Star Wars: The Bad Batch with the incredible spaceship model of bounty hunter Cad Bane or to fight against the army of separatist droids. with milk.

Fans of LEGO Marvelinstead, they were able to preview the new set dedicated to Doctor Strange, which shows the Holy of Holies as it appears in the different films of the saga: a unique opportunity to open your own multiverse. In addition, the builders of LEGO Minecraft have been spoiled with two brand new sets to add to their collection: The abandoned LEGO Minecraft village e The dungeons of the LEGO Minecraft skeleton.

LEGO CON 2022: Star Wars, Marvel, Avatar and more!

Lots of new features revealed in this LEGO CON 2022! What do you think? Write it to us below in the comments. We invite you to follow our pages for more news on the world of collecting and more!

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