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HONOR and Popular Youtuber Zack Nelson Unveil HONOR Magic Vs

HONOR Magic Vs it is the latest flagship smartphone from HONOR and the first folding. It will be launched in international markets, it uses cutting-edge folding technology with a strong focus on design and hinge design. It also solves multiple problems associated with foldable smartphones.

HONOR Magic Vs, here are all the details

Committed to providing consumer-focused product innovations, HONOR has invested heavily in research and development. It has transformed the water drop hinge technology, a technology commonly used by foldable smartphones in the market.

HONOR Magic Vs and folding hinge technology

HONOR revolutionized folding hinge technology with an improved form factor through its dedication to research and development. To allow the screen rotation gears are used which however make the device heavier and thicker.

Crafted with the industry’s first one-piece casting technology, the super lightweight gearless hinge of the HONOR Magic Vs reduces the number of support structure components used in the hinge from 92 to 4. Thus it offers a light hinge and ensures adequate rotation.

Magic Vs Teardown 3

Honor Magic Vs and the lightness of the device

Another pain point associated with foldable phones is weight. HONOR’s R&D team relied on up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the lightweight hinge of HONOR Magic Vs.

One of the reasons this smartphone is so light is the cleverly designed hinge. It was made with a special aerospace grade polymer material. The use of this ultra-lightweight material, commonly used for submarine pipelines and spacecraft, is testament to HONOR’s commitment to quality.

Increased duration of use

Maintaining a long life cycle remains an important aspect for foldable screens. Smartphone manufacturers have invested more and more in research and development. However, problems related to hinge vulnerability, bubbles, scratches on the screen, etc. they continue to persist. Despite being extremely light, HONOR guarantees a long product life.

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