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Scars Above: a new gameplay trailer is available!

Through a press release, Prime Matter has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for Scars Above, the Mad Head Games title arriving in a few weeks

Plaion, at the time Koch Media, announced it some time ago, during an event in June 2021 in which the opening of the Prime Matter label was also announced, but by now we are really close to launching. Coming February 28th to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, Scars Above is a fascinating third-person sci-fi action adventure created by Serbian developer Mad Head Games and published by Prime Matter, set in a mysterious alien world.

Via press release, recently Prime Matter and Mad Head Games have released a new gameplay trailer, just in view of the imminent launch. The gameplay trailer allows players to take a look at many of the core elements of the game (exploration, combat and research) as the protagonist Kate makes her way through a surreal and dangerous world. We leave you the trailer below.

Scars Above returns to show itself with a new gameplay trailer: eyes to the sky!

In Scars Above, A colossal and enigmatic alien structure appears in Earth’s orbit and stuns the entire world; mankind calls it “The Metahedron”. The Sentient Contact Assessment and Response (SCAR) team, made up of scientists and engineers, is sent to investigate. Things don’t go as planned and the Metahedron whisks the team through space to a mysterious extrasolar plane. It is here that Kate (our heroine) wakes up alone in a strange and hostile world; determined to survive, she sets out to find her crew and unravel the mystery behind what happened.

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