Honor of Kings: The World, the trailer of the new RPG by TiMi Studio Group has been released

The trailer for Honor of Kings: The World, the new RPG based on the popular MOBA inspired by League of Legends, is out

The Honor of Kings: The World trailer is online, and it promises a lot of action. The popular MOBA developed by TiMi Studio Group and produced by Tencent Games (company that in 2015 acquired Riot Games) will make a qualitative leap, and from mobile it will switch to a multiplatform, thanks to a new RPG who promises to be the new Monster Hunter. In fact, for some time now, a collaboration between Xbox Games and TiMi has been rumored.

Honor of Kings: The World, in the trailer the first gameplay

In the trailer for Honor of Kings: The World, the new game dynamics that will characterize this RPG: set in a land of clear Chinese / Oriental inspiration, the player will fight against gigantic monsters (also inspired by oriental mythology). You can see in the presentation video a game dynamics extremely similar to that of the various Monster Hunter chapters, with a quick dodge and an equally quick change of weapons. There is also an AI that will help the player in their adventure.


Honor of Kings: The World was born on the crest of the wave of the popularity of Honor of Kings, the MOBA born in 2015 from Timi Studio Group as a request for Tencent (after the acquisition of Riot Games, which had refused to produce a mobile version of League of Legends). The popular mobile game in fact it already boasts 100 million active players every day, and with this clever marketing move (and with this eye-catching trailer) he seems ready to take his rightful place next to RPG like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the various Dragon Ages and, precisely, Monster Hunter.

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