The great return of Doctor Who!

Doctor Who will be back on the screens very soon. The most up-to-date fans already know this and won’t be kept on their toes for much longer

The big comeback is scheduled for next weekend, on the occasion of Halloween. This is a great novelty because in the past a Halloween special has never been proposed and we are sure that there will be surprises. It is well known that Doctor Who scenes often terrify children to the point of making them run away behind the sofa at home and there have already been horror-style scenes in the past.

The great return of Doctor Who!

This season will be much shorter than the others, with just six unreleased episodes. Not all fans of the series are happy with it; we hope that this will be of benefit to the quality of the script even if we will still have to wait a bit to establish it. This is an issue that Chris Chibnall, the current head of the series, had already faced in the past and it is no surprise that this season along with some specials planned for next year will be his last initiatives regarding Doctor Who. .

Chibnall’s decisions have always been the subject of much controversy. Many claim that it was he who changed the course of the series, confining it to the limits of politically correct. The public statements at the time of the first seasons seem very far from the content of the last episodes. In the past the Doctor had even been to a casino on a trip to Beijing and let’s not forget that non-AAMS casinos in Italy are always open for fans who want to enjoy playing for real money. However, as far as the future of Doctor Who is concerned, there is still a glimmer of hope because after Chibnall’s farewell the show will again be led by Russell T. Davies.

For the uninitiated, it was Davies who relaunched the series by presenting it to a new generation in a modern key with an undisputed success. The show is one of the most popular TV series born in Britain and has also become something of a worldwide phenomenon, especially in America. Fans are hoping that the upcoming series will be better than the other more recent episodes but to say so they will still have to have a little patience.

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