Honor, the Museum of Dreamers opens in Milan

Honor sostiene sognatori e creativi con la mostra "Museum of Dreamers" thumbnail

Honor has chosen the opening party of the exhibition “Museum of Dreamers” per presentare Honor 70 in Milan. In Piazza Beccaria, this museum created by the designer duo Elena e Giulia Sellafounders of DesignByGemini e Postology Agency, represents a dream platform in which to immerse yourself. Focusing on positivity and returning to dreaming, until aDecember 21, 2022.

Honor 70 immortala l’opening party di Museum of Dreamers

This exhibition, of which Honor is the main sponsor, wants to get started Millenials e Gen Z a path towards the realization of one’s dreams. Honor wants to do this with the photographic technology of its Honor 70, which we tested after the presentation a IFA 2022 in Berlin.

In fact, with the smart features of the smartphone camera (such as Solo Cut Mode) the creators were able to document these 15 installations in the heart of Milan. Then post them on social networks to spread the inspiration.

Anya Nikoloska ZelenkovHead of Marketing and Communications HONOR Italia, explains: “We at HONOR are thrilled to have made our contribution to this project so close to the dreamers, but also to our brand.”

In fact, he explains that “This space was designed and created for the new generations, who feel the need to share every moment in real time and take advantage of new ways of sharing, and Honor 70 – with its incredible photographic and video features – is the device perfect to accompany them on this journey. As a partner of the exhibition we are on the side of young people e we want to inspire new generations and all visitors to express their creativity and to experiment how technology and innovation can be the tools for living out-of-the-ordinary experiences “.

Giulia and Elena Sella, founders of Postology, invite us to visit the museum of dreamers. “The project is open to everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, because dreaming has no age. In particular, with Museum of Dreamers, we want to inspire young people to share their passions and we want to give a space in which to dream. The museum was born from the union of entertainment, creativity, design and technology, values ​​that Honor embraces and makes real with its products. Honor 70 is the perfect expression of all this “.