Horizon Forbidden West: PlayStation 5 upgrade will be free for everyone

Horizon Forbidden West: l'upgrade PlayStation 5 sarà gratuito per tutti thumbnail

Jym Ryan, CEO of Sony, has confirmed in the past few hours that users who buy the Ps4 version of Horizon Forbidden West will be able to upgrade to PlayStation 5 completely free. According to what was declared by the CEO, the company would have made a mistake and therefore backtracked on the decision to make the next gen version of Aloy’s new adventure available to those who buy the Deluxe Edition.

Horizon Forbidden West: Upgrade to PlayStation 5 will be free

This change of direction by Sony comes after a long series of complaints from fans, who have reminded the company that last September it was declared the upgrade to PS5 of Horizon Forbidden West would be freeor. In fact, Sony had recently confirmed that this update would only be available to those who bought the limited editions of the game, which was later disavowed by Jym Ryan himself.

The attention regarding the next gen upgrade was a lot and the sudden change of direction a few days ago infuriated the community of enthusiasts. To enjoy the PS5 upgrade, therefore, we will not have to buy a second copy of the game, but it seems that this treatment applies only to Horizon.

Horizon Forbidden West: PlayStation 5 upgrade will be free for everyone

Yes, because Ryan took the opportunity to specify that all generational PlayStation cross exclusives from now on will include the ability to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 for $ 10. In short, we will not have to buy the game again, but an update fee has been inserted anyway.

This policy will in no way affect third party studios in any case, which have been granted absolute freedom on how to manage the next gen update of their titles. It is quite clear, however, that Sony wants to take a specific direction with this move and that Forbidden West is just an exception to the rule.

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