Horizon Forbidden West: the next gen update will be free

Sony will backtrack which, differently from what was announced in recent days, will offer the next gen update of Horizon Forbidden West for free

In the past few days we have promptly reported the news regarding the opening of pre-orders for Horizon Forbidden West, the new signed work Guerrilla Games. The occasion was useful to take a first look at the various editions with which the game will arrive on the market, but there was no lack of controversy related to the policy adopted by Sony in terms of update next gen. The criticisms have been directed at the fact that in order to be able to switch without cost from the PS4 version to PS5 version, unlike what was previously communicated, it would have been necessary purchase at least the Deluxe Edition, so as to cut off the buyers of the basic relase. The uproar aroused on the net, however, seems to have made the Japanese giant change its mind again, which has given little confirmation that the update will be distributed free of charge for any edition.

Horizon Forbidden West: l’update da PS4 a PS5 torna gratis

Confirmation of the back down from Sony comes to us directly from PlayStation Blog, and more precisely from an update that has invested the official post with which the news of the opening of pre-orders was given. For the occasion it was the same Jim Ryan, CEO di PlayStation, to talk about the change of course made by the colossus:

“Last year we exposed our commitment to offering free next-gen updates for all of our cross-generational launch titles. And while the ongoing pandemic has had a profound impact on Horizon Forbidden West’s initial launch window, we will still deliver on our original promise. “

Horizon Forbidden West: the next gen update will be free

News that will surely please all users PlayStation, but that in any case does not hide some small flaws relating to the future projects of the company, given that this policy relating to updates for cross-gen titles seems destined to ending with the title Guerrilla Games, as Ryan always confirms:

“I also want to take this opportunity to confirm that, from now on, for all PlayStation first party cross-gen exclusives (those that will be released for both PS4 and PS5), both digital and physical, we will offer the next-gen digital upgrade. at a cost of 10 Dollars. This will be true for the upcoming God of War as well as for Gran Turismo 7, and for all other productions published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. “

It can only please the demonstration of how Sony listened to its audience, but the regret remains for what the future moves of the company will be, especially in light of the policy of Smart Delivery adopted by Microsoft.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that Horizon Forbidden West will be available, for PS4 and PS5, starting from February 18, 2022. If in the meantime, in addition to staying in the company of TechGameWorld.com, you are looking for titles at a discounted price, we remind you that on Instant Gaming you can find many offers.

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