Horizon Forbidden West: the tribes and the realism of the game described by Guerrilla

Guerrilla Games gives more information about Horizon Forbidden West, talking among other things about the game world and how more realism has been given to the characters and behavioral variety to the tribes

Horizon Forbidden West is still quite far away, and to deceive the wait Guerrilla Games continues to give new information regarding the title, this time about the game world and the tribes. In a new post on the official PlayStation blog, the senior screenwriter of Guerrilla, Annie Kitain, tells how they were created together with Espen Sogn, the chief designer of the “Living world”. This is made up of settlements where humans find refuge, and this too is detailed in more than meticulous way, helping to make the setting authentic.

The living game world in Horizon Forbidden West

To be able to create a vast world that at the same time does not distract too much from the main plot, Espen and Annie started from the beginning building each single tribe, conceiving their conflicts and their role in the world, as well as in history. The Tenakth have beliefs influenced by the ruins scattered around the world of Horizon Forbidden West and in this game, unlike other tribes, they are divided into three clans.

The three main tribes are Oseram, Utaru and Tenakth. The first is more social and patriarchal, the second more relaxed and friendly, the third more rude and brute-force. The populations will be distinguishable according to the animations attributedand to each clan, for example by the way they will hold a jar of water.

Horizon Forbidden West: the tribes and the realism of the game described by Guerrilla

Non-combatant NPCs are part of a system they can be in create rules that condition their reactions, the roads they travel on and other animations. There is also a behavioral system, which determines their personality, allowing them to form unique individuals.

Settlements are a key place to get new upgrades, weapons and clothing. The developers wanted to make them more lively and useful: you will find new adventures, merchants, hunters, cooks and many other figures who will help Aloy on her next travels. In addition, they too will have a different personality type and work style a depending on their origin.

Aloy can carry six weapons at once. In addition, the clothes will give damage resistances along with the bonuses for skills, and the combat capabilities given by them, along with the appearance, will be influenced by the tribe from which they derive. Using workbenches to upgrade your equipment, it will be wise to observe which machines have visible horns, claws, tails and fangs. Any resource available in Horizon will still be useful for something, and more advanced improvements will require specific machine parts. With the Merger, Aloy will be able to scan the machines, and trace the necessary parts.

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