Horizon Zero Dawn Remastered would not be the work of Guerrilla

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According to a journalist’s report, Horizon Zero Dawn Remastered could be in development by a team outside Guerrilla Games

Guerrilla Games has every desire to continue investing in and expanding the franchise Horizonand according to some rumors it may even be in development a remastered version of Horizon Zero Dawn per PlayStation 5title released in 2017 per PlayStation 4. While some reports have claimed that the alleged remastered version is in development at Guerrilla Games, the truth may be quite different.

The journalist took care of putting fleas in the ears of many Colin Moriarty Of Last Stand Media (ComicBook)declaring that the remastered of the famous video game would not be in development at Guerrilla Games, but at an external and different team. Which could also be true, given the amount of projects on which the same Guerrilla Games is at work.

We could assume that Guerrilla Games is remastering Horizon Zero Dawn, however if the news is true, I’ve heard rumors that it is in development at another team.

he commented the same Colin Moriarty.

Horizon Zero Dawn Remastered would not be the work of Guerrilla

Obviously Moriarty didn’t mention what the team is behind the development of the remastered version of Horizon Zero Dawnor whether it could be an internal first party studio of PlayStationin any case given the amount of work of Guerrilla Games It wouldn’t be too surprising if that were actually the case. In fact, this remastered, assuming it really exists, could really be developed by a different team from the original.

In fact, we must not forget, as already mentioned, that Guerrilla has many ideas in development, both confirmed and unconfirmedjust about the franchise of Horizonamong which the Horizon Forbidden West expansion entitled Burning Shores, about which you can read some information in our article. To find out more, all you have to do is stay updated on the TechGameWorld.com pages, and remember that you can find Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel Hozizon Forbidden West at a huge discount on the Instant Gaming website.