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Who will be the next James Bond? Maybe Aaron Taylor-Johnson!

Who will be the next James Bond? Perhaps Aaron Taylor-Johnson since he met with the producer of the franchise

One of the questions that most involves fans is: but who will be next James Bond? After the final abandonment by the actor Daniel Craigthe most disparate names have appeared, but we have some news.

According to rumors, the actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson met with the producer of the 007 films Barbara Broccoli. The question is now clear: will he be the next James Bond?

Recall that Daniel Craig played the world’s most famous secret agent for 5 films and 17 years, so taking the role is no small feat. Now it has already been some time since 007’s post has been left without a worthy successor. That this meeting with producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson be lucky for Aaron Taylor-Johnson?

Still, sadly. we cannot know for sure.

Who will be the next James Bond?  Maybe Aaron Taylor-Johnson!

James Bond: will Aaron Taylor-Johnson be the next 007?

It’s been a while since the two James Bond producers revealed the sufficient and necessary conditions to play agent 007, so we remind you! To be considered for an audition, successful candidates must be British, young enough (under 40 years of age), male (here we are going to bust any suggestion of a female James Bond) and not too well known to the general public.

Among the possible candidates there were rumors of Jude Law, Idris Elba, Regé-Jean Pageeven Tom Holland.

But, apparently, another actor could be chosen to bring James Bond back to life: Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

In fact, the actor would have met the producers of the film at the Pinewood Studios, where he allegedly held a hearing. In fact, the actor who played Pietro Maximoff in Avengers: Age of Ultron reflects all the characteristics required by Broccoli and Wilson. The news of the audition and meeting with the producers was spread by Puck News and according to their sources, the audition went pretty well. At the moment, there is no certain news and the role of James Bond has not yet been officially assigned.

However, given that the producers intend to start the project for the 26th film of the saga by 2024, in order to see it in theaters by 2025, we could be close to having the new 007.

Obviously, if there is news, we will be the first to give you all the information as soon as they come out. In the meantime, don’t miss our articles and…stay tuned!

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