Horse Club Adventures: revealed the release date of the video game of the well-known toy series

Horse Club Adventures, the video game based on the well-known horse racing-themed toy series, has been released

The well-known series of horse-themed toys created by world-renowned manufacturer Schleich makes its debut in the world of video games with Horse Club Adventures, whose release date was recently revealed. The title was developed by Wild River Games and is designed to meet the tastes of the little ones. It will be possible to play it on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

Horse Club Adventures: the release date

The official release of Horse Club Adventures is set for the next one May 27; it will therefore be possible to play it in a couple of weeks. The gameplay of the title is based on the exploration of an environment open world and has within it elements deriving from both role-playing and platforming. The game experience is designed to satisfy first of all fans of the original toy series, who will find all the protagonists of the collection within this title. Finally, ample space was given to the possibility for the player to customize both the avatar of your character and that of the horse.

Horse Club Adventures: revealed the release date of the video game of the well-known toy series

Another feature of the video game is the ability to be played in two different modes: plot and freestyle. The plot mode has time limits and a large number of missions to be completed in order to progress with the narrative, while the freestyle mode allows you to freely explore the stables within which the game is set and to choose the missions to be desired. carry out.

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