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Hot Wheels Color Reveal: the color change cars arrive

Hot Wheels brings great news with many assorted vehicles, all to be discovered, thanks to the magic of Color Reveal technology

Hot Wheels has been for more than 50 years the brand that has made adrenaline and breathtaking challenges on quattroruote the beating heart of its DNA. The tradition of Hot Wheels vehicles meets technology Color Reveal, for an assortment to be revealed! An assortment arrives with packages each containing two toy cars, both neutral in appearance, but ready to transform!

Hot Wheels Color Reveal: the color change cars arrive

Finding out which Hot Wheels is hiding is really simple and fun: thanks to the Reveal effect, just fill the bin with hot water, immerse the car, shake the bin and… surprise! The water will reveal the decoration of the two Hot Wheels! The reveal is one-shot, but thanks to the special Color Change technology, it is possible to continue playing with hot and cold water, changing the color of the Hot Wheels car many more times! The world of Hot Wheels flaming challenges is thus enriched more and more with Color Reveal, a great novelty where discovery and surprise become new elements of the game.

These toy cars are available at top toy stores and on Amazon, al recommended price of € 14.99. As always, we invite you to follow the pages, to stay updated on the world of toys, video games and much more!

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