House of the Dragon: is it really safe from the writers’ strike?

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George RR Martin explained what is happening to House of the Dragon and his other works, due to the writers’ strike

The news follows, day after day the lists of TV series involved in the writers’ strike, which started on May 1, continues to lengthen. There are many personalities who have taken the side of the strikers, loudly supporting the reasons for the protest. George RR Martinwho is also on strike, has decided to have his say on the matter, explaining if and how this will affect the shows drawn from his own literary works, in particular on House the Dragonwhose season 2 is among the most anticipated and in the works.

House of the Dragon: is it really safe from the writers' strike?

Is House of the Dragon really safe? | House of the Dragon: is it really safe from the writers’ strike?

According to the first news circulated, House of the Dragon should be among the series saved from the strike. Its release should therefore not slow down due to the protests, also because filming has already started. This does not mean that the series is immune from any problem, it is demonstrated by the fact that filming is continuing, but without the writers present and that, consequently, no changes to scripts or reworkings are allowed during construction. A greater effort will therefore be needed on the part of the actors, who will not be able to ask for changes to the jokes or adaptations in the face of a better performance. Martin lightened the matter.

Across the pond, filming on the second season of House of the Dragon began April 11 and will continue in London and Wales. The scripts for the eight episodes of the second season were all finished months ago, long before the strike started. Each episode went through four or five drafts and numerous revisions, to account for HBO notes, my notes, budget issues, etc. There will be no other reviews. The writers have done their job; the rest is in the hands of the directors, the cast and crew… and of course the dragons.

Other affected works

The second season of House of the Dragon isn’t the only one that worries Martin fans after the news of the writers’ strike, as the series isn’t the only adaptation of his novels that is in the works. In fact, there are also other spin-offs in the planning stage. Among these, a transposition of his short stories, entitled Hedge Knight: Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, whose writing would seem to have been blocked, at least until the end of the strike. If Martin proves optimistic about the future of House of the Dragon, he would not seem the same regarding the fate of the strike. Indeed, the writer explained:

I have experienced several of these strikes since I began writing for television and film in 1986. The 1988 strike, the first one I participated in, lasted 22 weeks; the longest in Hollywood history. The 2007-2008 strike, the most recent, lasted 100 days. This could last even longer; the issues are more important and I have never seen the Guild as united as now.

We, poor viewers, can only hope that the situation will unblock itself as soon as possible, both as regards Martin’s works and for all the other shows involved in the strike, such as the much talked about Stranger Things. It would seem that we should sweat this last season, since filming has been suspended precisely because of the protests. While waiting for everything to be resolved, we at everything We will be here to inform you about any development!

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