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House Of The Dragon: the release date and the latest advances on the second season

Let’s find out the latest news regarding the cast, the plot and the release date of the long-awaited second season of House Of The Dragon

The debut of the first episodes of House Of The Dragon have been a success (here our review). Fans are now eager to find out how the Targaryen family feud plays out. Unfortunately, however, before the release of the second season, a lot of time will still have to pass. Despite this, the prequel series of Game Of Thrones she never ceases to be talked about, so much so that there are already many news and rumors about her. So let’s take a look at everything that is known (and rumored) about the second season.

The plot | House Of The Dragon: the release date and the latest advances on the second season

Events should pick up right where the first season left off. Now it’s time for Rhaenyra to fight back on what has been done to her by the Green faction, settling her score and taking back what is rightfully hers. The numerous time jumps, present in the first episodes, will be set aside, useful to explain what led to the split of the Targaryen royal family. Now that the public knows what happened and the pieces have been put in place, the time has come to kick off what will be called the Dance of the Dragons. The latter will have shocking consequences on this house and beyond. Events will come alive, action and cruelty will increase, the real war will begin. Ewan Mitchellinterpreter of Aemond Targaryen let slip these statements:

We have seen the two factions of the Targaryen family hanging in the balance, on the razor’s edge. All it takes is a push from both sides to start a bloodbath. If season 1 showed Aemond heating up, season 2 will be an all-out war.

He did the same Tom Glynn-Carney, interpreter of Aegon. The actor confessed he can’t wait to wreak even more havoc in season two, where he’ll have a lot more meat to get his teeth into. He then added “I hope that the public does not judge Aegon too quickly, taking too hasty positions“. Does it perhaps mean that we will go further into the psychology of this character? Aegon, although Rhaenyra’s direct opponent, never exchanged any words with her sister throughout the show. Have you noticed?

House Of The Dragon: the release date and the latest advances on the second season

The Dragons | House Of The Dragon: the release date and the latest advances on the second season

Let’s now move on to one of the elements that represent something indispensable for House Of The Dragon: i draghi. In season one they were mostly side dishes; not making dragons a focal point from the beginning, has allowed us to dissect the relationships, intrigues and human conflicts, fundamental to become attached to and understand the characters more deeply. You may not have noticed, but the scenes in which they have been present, do not exceed 10 minutes of total time. Would you have ever said that?

One of the most talked about news about dragons remains that given by showrunner Ryan Condal who confessed that the second season will see the arrival of ben five new dragons. We are likely to get acquainted with Silverwing, Sheepstealer, Grey Ghost e The Cannibal, a huge dragon, of ancient origins, whose name already says it all. There are those who argue instead that they will arrive Tessarionknown as “The Blue Queen” e Moondancer Baela’s young green dragon who, according to some rumors, should have already appeared in the first season.

More space will then be given to those dragons that were only glimpsed in the first season. We are talking about Solar beaconsAegon’s dragon, described as the most beautiful dragon in Westeros; intermediarypartially seen on the season finale and Dreamfire, Helena’s dragon, also seen in passing, plunged into darkness in the Dragon pit. The same George RR Martincreator of the book Fire and Bloodfrom which the series is taken, he said he was fully satisfied with the dragons of House Of The Dragon, much to prefer them to the three appeared in Game Of Thrones. If the latter, according to the writer “were all the same”, the former “had personality and became alive”.

House Of The Dragon: the release date and the latest advances on the second season

The cast | House Of The Dragon: the release date and the latest advances on the second season

Clearly fans are eager to discover the new cast members. The latest news is about Emily Beecham (already seen in 1899); the actress would audition for one of the new characters. Many think it is Alys Riversa woman fundamental to the storyline of Aemond. We still can’t tell you if the role will actually be his. This isn’t the only character you’re expected to get to know in the new installments; in particular, the news was given of open castings for three characters, which the production has identified with the code name of Boris, Charlie C e Groon. There are those who suspect that it is Blood, Cheese e Daeronthree key new faces for the show, who are sure to cause a stir when they arrive.

With the coming of a war, history will expand its borders. It is possible that in the new season we will finally see too great winter and therefore also the Stark, here could also be joined by the families of Arryn Vale eh Greyjoy who will be involved in the dispute. It also seems to be confirmed by itself, that Milly Alcook, who played the younger version of Rhaenyra Targaryen, will not be returning for Season 2. This could mean that there will be no flashbacks and therefore neither Emily Carey will return as Alicent. All other actors should return to their characters.

House Of The Dragon: the release date and the latest advances on the second season

The release date

Now we come to the sore point: the release date. Recently Casey BloyCEO of HBO Max content, gave an interview for Variety, stating that House Of The Dragon could return in 2024. However, the release period of the second season will not allow the show to be nominated for the 2024 Emmys. Considering that the event examines the series released by May 31, 2024, it seems obvious to think that the release date is later. According to some rumors, filming has already been postponed, due to a rewrite of the script imposed by Martin. According to some unconfirmed rumors, the dispute arose because the first writing was unable to convey the proper cruelty of some scenes in the book. This could be enough to understand what to expect from the new episodes!

For now we know that the preparations have begun; this would be confirmed by the sighting of the crew in Cáceres, the city used as the setting for King’s Landing. Official shooting will probably begin in April. In the long wait, we at You know We’ll be here, ready to update you on everything new about this amazing, award-winning series Golden Globecome Best Drama Series.

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