How can web push notifications increase traffic and sales?

Selling online is becoming more and more difficult these days. When competition increases exponentially, the public prefers trusted stores. Reach more customers with web push notifications

But the question is, is there a simple but effective technique to increase both traffic and sales? The answer is yes. There is a technique that can help you with this. They are web push notifications.

You can easily attract audiences and increase sales using WordPress Push Notifications. You are wondering how? Well, let’s dig deeper to get the answer.

How can web push notifications increase traffic and sales?

  • Reach audiences around the world: if you want to increase traffic, you need to reach out to as many people as possible. But attracting an audience isn’t an easy task to perform, especially when it comes to targeting audiences around the world. Really? You can take the help of web push notifications for the same. They allow you to target every corner of the world where there is an Internet reach. It is one of the effective yet affordable techniques that can drive huge traffic to your platform.
  • Rich Media: The good thing about web push notifications is that you can add rich media. This means that you can create a captivating effect using images, videos, gifs, graphics, emojis, etc. This will increase the open rate of your notifications. As a result, you will be able to attract more traffic to your platform. Once you are able to attract traffic, it will become easy to convert this traffic into sales and eventually regular customers. This way you will be able to grow your business successfully. Plus, you don’t have to make any effort. All it requires is the effective use of rich media in WooCommerce Push Notifications.
  • Segmentation and personalization: You may have seen that some customers stick to a particular platform, regardless of what others offer them. This is the power of segmentation and personalization where you can not only attract new customers but also retain old customers. By segmentation we mean the sending of push notifications based on age, gender, region, level of education, etc. This helps you reach a potential audience. On the other hand, each individual has his own tastes. So, if you reach everyone with the same product or service, you won’t get effective results. If you’re providing the public with the products and services of their choice and interest, they’ll love visiting your platform. A personalized web push notification can motivate them enough to even make an unscheduled purchase.
  • AutomatedThe good thing about push notifications is that they are automated. This means you don’t have to worry about sending timely push notifications. You are not even required to keep track of your users’ activity at all times for sending push notifications. Web push notifications are self-sufficient to reach customers during the various touch points (abandoned cart, price drop or other) in their purchase and after-sales journey. They will join them during their free time. This is when the time for user action will be greater than normal or peak hours. All you have to do is check the frequency as sending too many push notifications in a single day can irritate the user.
  • Reach instantly: You have new products in your store, or you are putting some items on discount, or you want to make a special or seasonal sale, all you need to do is compose a push notification and send it with a single click. You will notice huge traffic in your store. This is the power of push notifications where you can attract instant traffic. You can further increase your traffic and sales by introducing the concept of FOMO (Fear of Missing out). You can do this by sending push notifications that include texts like “Hurry up, few items left”, “Stock is running out”, “Only two items left”, “Limited time offer” and so on.
  • Feedback: this is the area that can benefit you a lot. Push notifications are not only used to send valuable information to the public, they can also be used to gather valuable feedback. You can use this feedback for the improvement of your store. This will allow you to provide a richer experience to your users. As a result, they will not only love visiting your platform, but will also try to promote word of mouth for your business and even without being asked to do so.

Bottom line, if you’re looking forward to increasing both traffic and sales on your platform, web push notifications are the ones to go with. They will allow you to achieve your desired goal and that too without making any effort or huge budget.

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