Stellar Repair for MS SQL Review: Repair your database with one click!

In this review we present Stellar Repair for MS SQL, a very useful tool because it allows you to recover data from an MS SQL database without effort. Let’s see how it works

Databases are the basis of any computer system, from websites to large banking transactions. The purpose of the database is to make large amounts of data easily accessible in an efficient and above all secure way. To obtain these results, the data is organized according to semantic rules defined in the design phase by the designer. If the designer works well, in theory accessing and modifying the data should be secure. But unfortunately to err is human and sometimes databases are prone to errors. Furthermore, the operations (any operation even the perfectly designed ones) are irreversible. This means that if someone who uses the database by mistake deletes data, it is lost forever. Here because Stellar Repair for MS SQL can be a useful toolespecially if you find that you have lost large amounts of important data.

Stellar Repair for MS SQL Review: Repair your database with one click!

Graphic interface | Stellar Repair for MS SQL Review

Being a software dedicated to the world of databases, it is legitimate not to expect the captivating graphical interface that we find in video games or other programs for a large audience of users. In fact, what we are facing is a UI from a corporate program, very thin and uniform. Despite everything, however, thanks to its simplicity, the use is very intuitive.

In some respects I remember a lot the graphical interface of the modern programs of the Microsoft office suite, with the toolbar at the top accompanied by symbols that help to visually understand the functionality if you are a little familiar with the world of databases. On the left there is the navigation tab, while at the bottom there is a window that allows you to see the logs and progress during the recovery and other useful information. In any case there is nothing to worry about: as soon as you open the program you will find on the main page accurate instructions to restore your MS SQL database. In its simplicity and immediacy we absolutely appreciated the work of the graphic designers of Stellar Repair for MS SQL who managed to make everything very intuitive.

Stellar Repair for MS SQL Review: Repair your database with one click!

User experience | Stellar Repair for MS SQL Review

Before starting it is necessary to remember one thing: you have to close the DBMS of MS SQL (usually SSMS) and then copy the .mdf file to a second known location. Usually these files are saved in the path “C: Program Files Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL15.SQLEXPRESS MSSQL DATA”, but you can check this by clicking on the database properties within SSMS. Furthermore, it will not be enough to close the SSMS GUI, but we should brutally terminate all the processes related to MS SQL with the Task Manager. Once done we can copy the file. When you open Stellar Repair for MS SQL a banner will remind you to do so.

Stellar Repair for MS SQL Review: Repair your database with one click!

At this point it will open a second window that allows you to open the .mdf file to restore (you can always close it and recall it with the big button in the shape of a database in the lower instruments). Just look for it like any other file in Windows Explorer. Once this is done you can start the repair. The time varies depending on the size of the database, but it’s pretty quick. At the end of the process, in the tab on the left the database will open with a logic similar to that of SSMS. You can then browse the tree by viewing the various tables and main information. This is very convenient because you can preview if the lost data could be recovered. Furthermore, up to here it will not be necessary to shell out a euro! Indeed license activation is required only when you want to save the restored file. So you can see if you can recover the data and then buy it.

There are two modes of analysis. A standard, faster and a little less effective. From what we have seen it is sufficient in many cases, such as unwanted removals. However, we also have one “Deep” mode which allows a deeper and slower search, but with better results.


Stellar Repair for MS SQL is a great software to repair MS SQL database. The software is intuitive and simple to useand, the fully guided procedure. Also the ability to preview the restored table and data is really interesting and useful. The cost starts at 349 euros, but if we take into account that the information contained in a database can be worth much much more, it is an affordable cost. For a professional or company that loses all its sales data or supplier details, this is a more than acceptable outlay. You can still try the free and limited version, downloadable from the official website. That’s all from the software section, keep following us!

Points in favor

  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Value for money