How do I create an offline Twitch banner?

Are you also present on the Twitch platform, owned by Amazon? It is certainly one of the winning channels today for making videos and audiences even if it starts for gamers. Let’s find out how to create a Twitch banner offline

Want to figure out how to do it by staying offline from Twitch and only upload once done? In reality, you will only need a few minutes and follow our little guide step by step.

Add to all this your imagination and a little desire to get noticed.

The basics you can’t run away from, create an offline Twitch banner

Today for your Twitch offline banner, you don’t need to be a graphic designer, a programmer can have great experiences. Also, I give you good news, you can do it with free tools that you find on the web. The only thing you have to keep in mind, before starting to manage the program that will help you create your banner, is the fact that it must comply with certain measures.

To be optimal these they must be 1200x 480 pixels and not weigh more than 10MB. This is for your profile banner. The banners that you are going to use under your channel must be much lighter and not exceed 320 pixels in terms of width measurement.

The free tools to create an offline Twitch banner

Here are more free online programs that can help you in your intent.


Canva is a very useful and multifunctional tool. Not only do you need it for all your social networks from Facebook to Instagram, but it also helps you in this new platform to create your banner.

The immediate methodology you are presented with pre-packaged models, which you can simply customize with a copy and paste. You will find many templates available and customizable in the free version.

The only thing that is required of you is simply to register with a free account, with which you can then operate all your projects and even have a small archive of what you have done.


Crello was conceived with the assumption of going to create all your content, which you will need to publish on social networks including Twitch. There is a free part, which allows you to have a large choice of templates.

If, on the other hand, you want to be more equipped, you can opt for the pro version, whose subscription varies from $ 8 to $ 10 per month. It can be useful when your publication is quite full-bodied since in reality in the free download version they are limited

PosterMyWall (On web/Android verisone)

Here is another application or program that you find online in which the free version is particularly rich in models and the possibility of downloading is substantial. To be taken into consideration because it is very versatile, especially very simple to use.

Adobe spark

Could an Adobe product be missing from our list? Absolutely not. Like most Adobe products, this too is not only the avant-garde in the production and elements that are needed on social networks, but it is also extremely easy and immediate to use.

Adobe Photoshop

However, this solution from Adobe is not free, because you only have 7 days of trial, after which you have a complete package. You probably need it if you go to exploit the full potential of this program, which also allows you to do the photographic touch and very advanced graphics on photographs. Differently you could use any of the previous applications, still having excellent results, also because most of the work is based on your imagination for the creation of your channel.

Let’s get our hands on creating an offline Twitch banner… and go!

Choose an application that you will then use to create both the profile banner and those of the various Twitch videos. Your banner is certainly an interesting strategy to be able to have a certain homogeneity in terms of image. These applications allow you, really easily, to already have structured template proposals, in which you can go to modify and customize without necessarily asking for help from either an agency or a graphic designer.

It’s something you can do on your own. It is obvious that you should choose a template that is suitable for your audience, your message and your logo and therefore always use the same logic.

What it is and what it will be

Keep in mind that today Twitch is certainly the platform for those who are passionate about video games, but given the launch and the success it is not certain that it will soon have other variations and become interesting for branding and business forms.

On the other hand, like every social network, it was born for a purpose and then became a promoter of the business images of many companies and conversions with the public. We will see how the future of Twitch will evolve and how, at that point, it will begin to become essential to create coherence with the corporate image. For the moment it is definitely the favorite social network for gamers.