How have consumption habits changed in 2022? Everli’s Report

Come sono cambiate le abitudini di consumo nel 2022? Il Report di Everli thumbnail

Fourth Everli Annual Reportthe online shopping marketplace, starting from purchases made on the site and via the app, underlined the trends that characterized the online shopping of Italians during 2022.

Everli, the Annual Report: health and comfort are the trends of the Italians

According to Everli’s report, fruit and vegetables continue to dominate the online cart of Italians, confirming for the third consecutive year at the top of the most purchased product categories. This “healthy” trend, which has already been growing since last year, is also reflected in new eating habits: in 2022, snacks and sweets leave the top 10 most bought products for the first time.

Not only a strong focus on well-being: a greater one also emerges request for practicality and comfort. Thus, a vast range of ready-to-eat foods appears in the ranking of the most purchased categories in the Bel Paese, such as i cheeses – from melted slices (3°) to spreads (5°), passing through mozzarella (7°) – the prosciutto (6th) and some “convenience food”, such as ready-made sauces (8°) and canned meat or fish (10°).

Everli, the Annual Report: when Italians bought the most

In recent months, the dynamics of Italian consumption seem to have been affected by geopolitical instability and galloping inflation. According to Everli data, in fact, in 2022 purchases recorded an important peak in the initial part of the year, the one that goes from January e March and which precedes the onset of global instability which has led to the current high cost of living.

Il Friday and the Monday have been the most popular times to go shopping online in the last twelve months. Unlike in the past, however, Italians in 2022 were less “early risers” and they thought about buying food and household products online shortly before lunch break: in fact, midday is the time that recorded the highest number of orders on the platform.

The Italian map of eating habits

During 2022 Roma it was the city that bought the largest number of fruit and vegetables, winning the scepter Of healthiest in the country. The regional podium, however, sees an equal merit: theEmilia Romagnawhich has led since 2019, must now share the top spot with Lombardy e Veneto. In fact, the ranking of the provinces with the largest purchases of fruit and vegetables also includes Milan (2nd), Padua (6th), Varese (8th) and Verona (9th), which join two veterans, namely Bologna (4th °) and Forlì-Cesena (10th).

If three regions compete for the title of healthiest in Italy, that of more gluttonous has only one winner: the Lombardy, with Varese (3rd), Milan (4th), Bergamo (6th) and Brescia (8th) among the 10 cities in which the largest orders of sweets were recorded. And at the provincial level? Roma also holds this record, while Venezia ranks second.

The most significant consumptions Of meat and fish have registered to Torinofollowed by Rome and Trieste. The ranking continues with Pordenone (4th) and Udine (5th), making the Friuli Venezia Giulia the region that made the largest number of purchases in this food macro-category.