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John Williams: a documentary about his career is coming soon

A documentary on the ten-year career of John Williams, one of the most prolific American composers in the history of cinema, is coming

After years of partnership between the famous composer John Williams e Steven Spielberg, the director has decided to celebrate his right hand man with a documentary entirely dedicated to him. One of the most iconic protagonists of the big screen, capable of transmitting unique emotions through his music that accompany the viewer during the screening, will therefore find a starring role in a documentary. As already happened with Ennio, this documentary will be directed by a great director who got to know the composer personally and professionally.

On the other hand, a film about John Williams seems like the least that could be done for the genius behind the music of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Star Wars. Soundtracks that have undeniably marked our childhood and the collective imagination.

A documentary about John Williams, which does not mean retiring from the scene

In the light of the news about one of his documentaries, John Williams has however ensured that he does not intend to retire from the scene. Despite his venerable age, in fact, the composer stated in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter that he still has 10 years of career ahead of him. Assuming you can’t really ‘retire’ from music. The musician had then added a declaration of love for his work

It’s like breathing. It’s your life. It’s my life. A day without music is a bad day.

John Williams was recently lauded by Steven Spielberg for his work in The Fabelmans, the autobiographical film that moved the whole world. Yet another icing on the cake for a ten-year career that shows no sign of stopping. A documentary on the life of John Williams could only be in the air, and Steven Spielberg’s direction will no doubt ensure a worthy tribute.

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