M3GAN: it’s official, there will be a sequel to the film

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Now it’s official, the recently released horror film M3GAN is getting a sequel. The title and release date have already been announced

After the incredible success achieved, the horror world of M3GAN will not stop at a single film. The production house Blumhouse in fact, it has already made it official that the disturbing doll will return with a second chapter. The release date has already been announced, along with the title.

M3GAN: the plot of the first chapter

The first film told the story of M3GAN, an artificial intelligence with the appearance of a doll, built by a brilliant robotic, named Gemma. The invention of the woman is intended to combat the loneliness and sadness of some children. M3GAN in fact is able to be a friend for the little ones, but at the same time she can also take care of them, as a parent would. However, something starts to go wrong when the doll begins to take care of little Cady, Gemma’s niece, left without mom and dad after their disappearance due to a car accident.

M3GAN: it's official, there will be a sequel to the film

M3GAN: the sequel

Universal Pictures announced that the second part, starring again Allison Williams e Violet McGrawwill be released in theaters January 17, 2025 and will be titled M3GAN 2.0. It therefore seems that the production of the horror has wasted no time. Indeed, it seems that the screenwriter of the first film, Akela Cooper, is already working to create a sequel worthy of the first part of M3GAN, released in theaters on January 4th. However, it is not clear whether Gerard Johnstone will return to the directorial helm.

Creating a sequel has nothing to do with how successful the film is. The idea of ​​making a second part was probably in the pipeline even before the film was released in theaters. This would be confirmed by the words of James Wanowner of the production house of M3GAN, the Atomic Monster.

It’s always about creating a bigger world, knowing who the characters are and where the story could potentially go. Building this world, stepping into it and saying, “Okay, I’m telling this story, but what else is going on in this world?”

Unfortunately the wait will still be very long; only in 2 years will we be able to know the fate of M3GAN and find out if the film will enter the list of unmissable horrors for lovers of the genre.

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