How I Met Your Father 3: cancellata la serie spin-off

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Bad news for everyone hoping for a How I Met Your Father season 3: series canceled after two seasons

In a completely unexpected move, Hulu canceled after two seasons How I Met Your Father, the sitcom with Hilary Duff, spin-off and sequel to the famous and long-lived How I Met Your Mother, available in Italy for streaming on Disney+. So we will never find out how Sophie met her father, whoever he is. It is not clear at the moment what reasons prompted the broadcaster to cancel the series, especially after the same streaming service had convinced it renewed for a second season of well 20 episodes.

How I Met Your Father 3 canceled: the disappointment of the producers

The decision came less than two months after the season 2 finale, in which Sophie made out with potential dad Jesse (Chris Lowell), mentre Sid (Suraj Sharma), another potential dad, had seen his marriage to Hannah implode. It was also discovered that Valentina and Charlie (Francia Raisa and Tom Ainsley), who broke up in Season 1 because he wasn’t interested in having children, and later had a son named Alex.

The executive producer and co-creator of How I Met Your Mother Craig Thomas, having heard the news, has not masked its opposition to the cancellation. While thanking the cast and everyone who has worked on the project over the past few years, she expressed her disappointment with this message:

Sometimes that’s the way it goes in this crazy business. I will miss the feeling, even from a distance, of a group of talents who continue to create things together. It always made my heart feel full!

The reason for the cancellation could be the situation of uncertainty and delays, with related costs, caused by the strikes of the writers of the WGA and of the actors of the SAG-AFTRA, which have been going on for months. But, for now and perhaps forever, we can only speculate.

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